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Goddess of Love

The Venus Hologram Project


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Women: Its Time To Create Our Own Home Planet! This show brings inner transformation and societal change together in a fascinating project that any and all women can participate in. Hosted by The Goddess of Love, who studies and creates interdimensional realities, this show is an ongoing conversation about the creation of the Venus Hologram, a new reality/planet for women. While at first glance this may sound like fantasy, its not. On this show we'll be practicing methods that raise our vibration while discussing all aspects of the creation of our home planet, and actually bringing it into reality!

On-Demand Episodes

This show features a discussion with two crystal children who happen to be my kids. Since pregnancy, I realized these children were high vibrational beings, and in the few years they've been on earth (7 and 10) this has proved to be true.... more

Aging is actually a voluntary process that we choose to participate in, not the inevitable march toward infirmity that the 3D world convinces us it is. The aging paradigm (like many other 3D/fearbased paradigms considered to be inevitable... more

This show will use an example most of us are familiar with - jealousy - to show how to use the science of yoga. During this show listeners will look at the jealousy they are holding within and learn how to remove it. The science of yoga is the... more

This show discusses manifestation, the inherent power within every human to create his/her reality - the subject which the film "The Secret" introduced to a widespread audience. As a yogi whose area of research is manifestation, I'll be... more

Enjoy your holiday from a dimension where stress does not exist. This show will guide you through three breathing patterns that can bring you into your highest vibration.

This show will get listeners centered in the 7D vibration and then explain the role of language in creating our planet.

In this show I'll discuss in detail the three dimensions that are currently co-existing on earth as well as how to shift dimensions, which is part of creating the new Venus Hologram, the project this radio blog revolves around. Listeners will have... more

Calling all women! On this program we'll be discussing how to create Our Own Planet, the Venus Hologram. Yes, you heard right. I'm a yogi and a channel and for many years have been receiving information from the higher... more