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Superhero Prime Time

Gochya suckers!!!!!!!


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Join your host Tea Party Paul, as he talks and talks and talks with no break, going on and on and on.

Today is a special freaky friday show of the Kalagenesis. I will once again give my Kalanation sermon against the white trash racist teabaggers. Haters will be roasted by the great Kalanation, who will discuss why there needs to be an... more

Here is a guide on how to be a post-Ziuonist minimalist for dummies [and you also got to be a dummy as well].

Time for all the news on Ron Paul and the election campaign from one of the most loyal Ron Paul supporters militant Ron Paul libertarian, who is currently broadcasting from no other place than his mother's basement in his underwear.... more

Join your host Germaine, who is currently broadcasting up "Cool" Mike's and aabbcc's ass. Today is open topic. All morons are welcome to call in. Remember, though the show is called "Conservative Prime Time", Conservatives are not... more

Ron Paul will address his plan to beat Romney, winning one half vote at a time.

Time to listen to your favorite manhugger Warlord X talk about racist teabaggers. Tonight, we'll have Warlord X explain why he thinks the tea party and anyone else, who doesn't kiss up to him is a racist.

How will Ron Paul beat Romney? How will he become President? On this episode, Ron Paul explains how he can go from a pathetic fool, who can't win a state, to the seat of the Presidency. The ultimate rags to riches except Ron... more

Time for Ron Paul's big response to the neo-Conservative war mongers. He got a soar throat arguing with them. Now, he makes an adress to them, explaining why America should surrender and appease Muslim terrorists instead of fighting back... more

Today, we'll listen to what Ron Paul has to say. Bear in mind that Ron Paul has a soar throat from arguing with all these neo-Cons. He is in his pink bunny costume. he'll also give thanks to his VP choice Brooke [Ron Paul girl].