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The Birthing Center-Breaking The Chains

  • Broadcast in Women
Christie Williams Ministries

Christie Williams Ministries


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So many of us are prisioners of war fighting battles that have chained us for so long. Unseen realms, invisble chains, chains seen, have imprisioned our souls and held our purpose and destiny captive for so long. We've grown familiar, as one, with our bondage, our captor, until it's become a "normal way of existing" to us. It's a form of spiritual "stockholm syndrome", becoming one with, bonding, being soul tied to the very thing that's holding you hostage. I'm reminded in Luke 13, of the lady I call the "Bent Woman". She had a spirit of infirmity for 18 years that caused her to be bent, to be stooped lower than who she was created to be. For 18 years she was one with her captor, a spirit of infirmity. For 18 years she was held hostage, chained  to something that caused her walk to become crooked? What about you? What has you chained? What are you infirmed with and infused to that's causing you to walk crooked, to bend to, to surrender your position because of your condition? What chains have become just a normal way of living for you that you rarely recognize you're enslaved?  What has caused you to bend out of shape from who God created you to be? This spirit of infirmity, this chain, this captor, deformed,  alterd the shape of by pressure or stress,misshaped, changed the original state of this woman for 18 years by making her conform to the folds of it's image.  What's causing your emotions to bend out of the shape of God? What's causing your marriage to bend from the patteren of God? What's causing your life to take on alternate  state and conform to an image that'sdoesn't resemble the Lord nor who He created you to be? We're locked up in so many areas of our lives! Chains are binding our destined purposes as captors are holding our lives hostage but JESUS came to set the captives FREE! He broke those chains, gave us the power, authority to BE FREE!