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    Hola, hola, hola

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    ladies night

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    Several ladies join us tonight to bare it all to the callers. What would you like to know from a womens side of view? What questions do you have for the sbd ladies? 

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    Blogging with Amy, Asia and Loxxy

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    Divorce, mail order brides and turtles. 

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    My very first talk show~ Enter The Lion's Den

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    Hey Listeners, this is my very first talk show so dont expect anything too good. Please join the chat if you have any questions.

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    The Little Podcast of Kalamazoo - Fourth Coast Cafe - Coffee shop review

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    The green canopies of the Fourth Coast Cafe jut out from the old brick building near the corner of Vine street and Westnedge avenue in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The only twenty-four hour cafe in the city and, as far as I know, in the state is a social hub for a community of college students, alumni, free thinkers, and everyone else. It's a shining beacon of warmth and caffeine in even the darkest and coldest nights. The side door might be closed in the winter, but the front door is never locked.
    As I enter through the glass door, the scent of coffee mingles with the smell of the street and the smoke of a couple on the sidewalk talking about politics, philosophy, and the latest additions to their record collections. To the right of the stairway, which leads up to the Crow's Nest restaurant, is another glass door which swings into the cafe. My ears are treated to snippets of conversations ranging from chess moves to stories of drunken debauchery. To my left, a barista turns on an industrial sized coffee grinder as another presses levers on a well used espresso machine, eliciting a low hiss as espresso fills a tiny metal cup. The place smells of old art, new coffee, fresh tea, and human energy. This coffee shop is where people come to meet with old friends and new minds. This is where they come to plan, and at times even create, new works of poetry, drawings, novels, and everything else which breaths life into life. This place is the living breath of Kalamazoo.
    I add a little sugar to my drink and fall in love with the dull clank of the spoon against the thick walls of the tall glass cups the cafe uses. I look around and see that my usual table, in the center of the room,  is taken, so I make my way to the bar stools and take a seat there. The chairs are surprisingly comfortable for being simple wooden seats. It's clear that the cafe knows well that people come here to stay for long periods at a time.

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    this is my first show and my co host lola

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    Please no cussing adn no bad talk 

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    Long Distance Love Bombs Interview

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    Today I talk with Jeremy, founder of Long Distance Love Bombs - a website & social media force infusing the world with goodness, possitivity, hope and words of wisdom. Jeremy shares with us a bit about his story & journey in today's interview.
    Thanks for listening! Please be sure to start the interview at minute 4:00 as I had some 'technical difficulties' (read: I had no idea what I was doing and made poor Jeremy wait 4 minutes until I got my shit together!!). 
    You can find Long Distance Love Bombs at the website here and on Facebook and Instagram (you can find him other places too via his website but those two are my favorite places for seeing his inspiring stuff). 

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    Friday Evening Vespers Shabbat Service

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    Rev. Shawnn Morris Slaughter of Lone Mountain Shadows Church of Las Vegas, Nevada presents his New Years  Friday Evening Vespers Shabbat Service.

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    Come join me and others around the world to talk about how the holidays went for you!

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    internet Sensation Samantha James PR TEAM interviews at PopCulturePlayground

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    Samantha James infamous PR Team Jamilla, Darnell along with her sister Vilena gives an exclusive candid interview explaining what its like to manage one of today's most talked about transexual. ... No topic is off limits.

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 105: Hacked

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    Main Topic:  Hacked
    Side Topics:  Rectal rehydration - is it torture and other questions.  Jeb Bush leaning yes in run for POTUS.  What do we do about unruly teens these days?  School bribes kids to eat Michelle Obama's lunches.  Blah blah blah, Scott made Christmas fudge. There, are you happy now Scott?  DID COSBY DO IT!!!??? Lets get judgemental on his ass for the sake of entertainment (no homos)(jk).
    All This in 30 Minutes!!