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    SIDETRACKED Episode 26: Bo becomes an Anarchist

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Bo becomes an Anarchist
    Side Topics:  How smoothly would the country run w/out a government?  6 ways to get kicked off Twitter!  Whatever happened to 23 skidoo?  What happened that you didn't pay attention too while everyone was going on about the Boston Bombing?  More than you think.  N.Korea running out of Soldiers, or are they just really messed up?  What does Apple do with all those users' Siri queries?  What does Government & Gaming have in common?  Obamacare - how screwed are you?  Oh Nose! The UK gets their credit rating of AAA dropped!  Iron Man 3 is going to be in 4D in Japan...is this really necessary?
    All of this in 30 Minutes!!

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    2016 May 22

    in Fun

    Let's see if we get it right today.