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Our Constitution: Foundation and Principles

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If you weren’t aware, one of the things about Obama that has been the most frightening is his use of Executive Orders!

At our founding, executive orders by the President were intended as the means for him to carry on the day-to-day business of running the White House. For instance, one of the few Executive Orders that George Washington issued was to order the china plates and other silverware that he (with Martha’s input) wanted to have for functions where he dined with foreign dignitaries.

There was absolutely no conception of Executive Orders being a way to do an “end run” around Congress!


Teddy Roosevelt = 3

Other Presidents up to FDR  = 0

FDR (in 16 years) = 11

Truman (in 7 years) = 5

Eisenhower (in 8 years) = 2

Kennedy  (in 3 years) = 4

LBJ (in 5 years) = 4

Nixon (in 6 years) = 1

Ford (n 2 years) = 3

Carter (in  4 years) = 3

Reagan (in 8 years) = 5

George H. Bush (in 4 years) = 3

Clinton (in 8 years) = 15

George W. Bush (in 8 years) = 62

Obama (in 3 1/2 years!) = 923

(Actually he's only signed 139 but assuming control over all others standing!)

It seems that every time Congress won’t do what President Barack Obama wants, or won’t respond fast enough, he uses this Executive Order power to circumvent the checks-and-balances intended to prevent just this kind of usurpation of powers and tyrannical abuse.


Now, we not only have to worry ourselves with the largely unconstitutional acts that come out of Congress, but we have a much bigger concern with an obvious Narcissistic President who happens to have megalomaniacal tendencies and wants to control the world!


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