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Tune in to FrameWork for a discussion of the week’s biggest political issues and examine the framing behind them. Featuring prominent guest bloggers focusing on framing issues, we’ll look at the arguments being used by both Progressives and the Right and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, direct advice on utilizing the most advantageous arguments going into the week ahead. Whether you are a blogger, a lurker, a candidate or a politician, you won’t want to miss this insightful and actionable recap of the issues at hand and the arguments behind them.

On-Demand Episodes

As the Democratic Primary battle rages, it's not all bad news--it means progressives can begin to define the Republican candidate, while the GOP has no idea who our candidate will be. It's time to define our framing of John McCain

interview with van driver from Nevada


With Global Warming and the environment becoming an increasingly prominent political topic, the FrameWork crew talks politics. How do you address environmental issues to a general audience, and what can Democrats do to... more

What motivates our current field of Presidential candidates and why should we care? We explore the framing of motivation on both the Left and the Right.

Your hosts thereisnospoon and clammyc take on the idea of electability: is it more than just a media-driven self-fulfilling prophesy, and does the word apply to anyone in the GOP field? Catch the fun on this week's Framework!

Your hosts thereisnospoon and clammyc discuss the true meaning of "betrayal" in the wake of the MoveOn.org furor

We'll discuss the bizarre new tape released by Osama Bin Laden

The New War: Ending a Pernicious Frame

Framing the 4th; Making wingers care about the 4th amendment by framing it in terms of the 2nd