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The Mystery and History of Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia has a richness of paranormal activity and mythology that dates back before Columbus found the new world...settlement of 1738 - 84 and even before that... Henry Sinclair.. knew it.. we will examine Nova Scotia's rich history and the settler's who named and renamed this place... the Knights Templar Myth and the FreeMason Connection to Nova Scotia.  Is Nova Scotia the resting place of Mary Magdaleine? Who was Evangaline? Was Nova Scotia supposed to be the NEW SCOTLAND? a UTOPIA  for the"good Sheppards of Arcadia"  Who were they?  and why does Nova Scotia have a Scottish Rite Mason foundation with a richness of paranormal activity and mythology  that dates back before Columbus found the new world... and Henry Sinclair.. knew it... Coal and Steel Mining, Resources, Agriculture, Rich Land... and an interesting ley line.. that may just contain certain properties to create the perfect vortex areas that would explain the UFO sightings and the Ghostly encounters ... the Bermuda Triangle is not that far from here and there is much to look at.. perhaps we hold the holy Grail.... burried deep below booby trapped treasured sink holes... perhaps Oak Island is not the only place.... there are significant reasoning... why the Knights Templar would have chose to come here... and why the Freemasons DID and still live among us here in Nova Scotia... why? Various areas such as Chester, Halifax, New Ross and Oak Island. What is the significance of the term "ARCADIA" and why do we have not only French Cajon Roots (Acadians) but Scottish and German settlement even....

BEFORE the mixology of the secret societies.. there were  distinct separate groups..that fought for the new world...and fought over Nova Scotia.. why?   We will answer all of this as best as we can...on this episode of FOXFIRE FRINGE RADIO~ Special clips from GRAHAM SIMS FROM THE MODERN KNOWLEDGE TOUR....