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    Heart Secrets Welcomes Pastor Jamaal Bernard

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    Heart Secrets Radio Show welcomes Pastor Jamaal Bernard to our show on December 16th. This is sure to be a show you don't want to miss. Jamaal Bernard is the Youth Pastor of New York City’s largest church, Christian Cultural Center (CCC), which currently has over 30,000 members. Pastor Jamaal Bernard supports thousands of youth, which includes not only members of the church but those across communities in the tri-state area. By connecting youth from different churches, both internationally and locally, he plans to create a new urban culture, by communicating truth on the streets, which in turn cultivates seeds of greatness. His father, Reverend A.R. Bernard, Sr., founder of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) in Brooklyn announced that Jamaal will be the Senior Pastor of the new CCC Long Island Campus starting February 2015.

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    Special Edition of Heart Secrets w/ Cheri Maree

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    In keeping with our theme for this month...The Emergence...Women and Girls, we are talking with International singer/songwriter/speaker Cheri Maree about her new CD project Rebirth. This discussion is a must hear by every female, young and older. Don't miss it as we discuss what it means to be a 360 degree woman, to turn it all around and be reborn. For your listening pleasure, we will share some of her new powerful music. Gather the women and the girls and tune in today at 1PM EST. You will thank us later.

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    There are Secrets!

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    Do you realize that there are secrets that God wants to reveal to us? Can you handle the secret?  There is a level of maturity that is needed in this season and today we will talk about it.  

    1Corinthians 2:6 Now we do speak wisdom among the mature, but not a wisdom of this age or of the rulers of this age, who are perishing.7 Instead we speak the wisdom of God, hidden in a mystery, that God determined before the ages for our glory.8 None of the rulers of this age understood it. If they had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.   

    Join us and be Empowered


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    Heart Secrets Welcomes The Preachers of L.A. Star and Author Myesha Chaney

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    Myesha Chaney can be seen and heard in homes across the country on Oxygen’s Preachers of LA and hosting a talk radio show with her husband, “Real Life with Wayne and Myesha Chaney.” Myesha is also adding author to her repertoire as she has released her first novel entitled, Hiding Behind the Lipstick. This book is inspired by one of her most gratifying projects to date – a workshop created to encourage women to take off the masks they show to the world and reveal their true selves. Join us as we sit down to discuss how this incredibly talented wife, mother, worship leader, radio personality and author does it all. Get to know her up close and personal at the Heart Secrets Table.


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    Ancient Secrets on Spring Cleaning for Your Body, Releasing Toxins, Weight Loss

    in Health

    This "SHAKTI CALL" is a LIFE TRANSFORMING “GIFT” to YOU From Dr. Pankaj Naram.


    BY “MARIANJII” [Especially Trained & Highly Recommended by Dr. Pankaj Naram]

    Marianjii will Share with You the Hidden Secrets of Dr. Naram’s Ancient Siddha-Veda Lineage on How You Can Help Yourself Now from Many Acute & Chronic Health Challenges. Rediscover Your Own Power & Feel Safe & Secure in our Today’s Chaotic World.

    Marianjii will share her own personal story - how she has gone through UNIMAGINABLE PROBLEMS & HEALTH CHALLENGES and RECOVERED SUCCESSFULLY. Now she has a Burning Desire to Bring You the Wisdom and Secrets of Dr Naram's Siddha-Veda Lineage - which can Help You & Your family to Experience Vibrant Health, Unlimited Energy, and Peace of Mind.


    YOU ARE ALSO INVITED TO THE FOLLOWING FREE LIVE APRIL, 2014 EVENTS (HOUSTON, DALLAS, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, ETC) http://jivanshakti.com/tour-schedule.aspx?type=Shakti%20Seminar


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    Janks Morton Visits Hearts Secrets

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    “The most prolific African American Filmmaker of our generation, that 90% of African Americans have never heard of”  
    JANKS MORTON is a groundbreaking international and award winning Documentarian. As founder of iYAGO ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, LLC, he states “the company came into existence to reflect both the conscious and unconscious soul of Black America. JANKS MORTON has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and is a much sought-after teacher, lecturer, commentator and motivational speaker. He has convened workshops, seminars and served as panelist and keynote speaker at colleges, universities, prisons, conferences, churches and community centers around the world. Join out host as they delve deep into the heart secrets of the man, Janks Morton

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    Transforming Your Secrets Into Power

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    Many women carry secrets and shame because of their past. But this behavior can keep us stuck in our live and prevent us from moving forward. You will hear the story of one woman who allowed her past secrets to create a new and powerful life for her. Join us as we take a look at how our secrets can become our power.  A great show to learn the power of letting go.

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    Shame and Secrets

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    Most people have secrets and in a lot of ways it's okay to have them. But there is danger when the secrets we carry are accompanied by shame. The shame keeps the secrets hidden and can cause enormous impacts upon our lives in so many ways. Join us as we discuss this most important topic of shame and secrets.

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    Ernestine Middleton Shares Her Heart Secrets

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    Join as we hear from Heart Secrets Co-Host Ernestine Middle as she shares some amazing and powerful wisdom. A show you surely want to hear.

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    Family Secrets: The UnSpoken Danger Zone

    in Self Help

    They say all families have some hidden secrets or should we say SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET!  Yes, Incest, Abuse, Stolen Inheritance, Maternity, Rape, Paternity, Suicide, Abortions and Adultery.  Levels of dysfunction that are unheard of.  Were lies told or was it just a case of “misguided truths”?  What do you think happens when these secrets are revealed? MAYHEM!!! Learn how the pieces can be picked up and souls healed after all of the accusations take flight with Dr. Rhonda Wells-Wilbon. You Can't Miss This!!!

    TUNE IN!

    Knowledge Always Empowers!

    So, Let’s Talk!

    Talks with Sheba Radio Show

    Wednesday, February 11, 2014 @ 10pm EST

    Join us Live online at www.blogtalkradio.com/TalksWithSheba


    by phone at (347) 838-8992


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    In the Tutor period, alchemists practiced their arts. To this day, we know scientists are protective and secretive about their work. Across Canada, the scientific community has been targeted for a decade by the current federal government pushing an ideological agenda. But think back to the tutor period and governments had less leverage and more obfuscation with those pesky alchemicalists.   They did and did not keep their work secret.  Yes, they did not want others to replicate their findings. This is from the same protectionist thinking that gave rise to passwords and signs of recognition about operative masons. The alchemist had to keep track of his work which he did by developing and writing in code.  Dyspher the code- follow the research.  

    Within the Craft we have often heard what I like to think of as the declaration of the uninformed. We are not a secret society, but we do have secrets.  There are 27,000 languages in use on this blue globe orbiting our star. We happen to use an obscure langage to keep track of our work.  Study the language for yourself. The information becomes obvious.   A mason with a loose waggy tongue can't be of much use. The 'rosetta' stone to translate these glyphs has yet to be found.  Isn't it curious that alchemists have continued to practice and no one sees fit to indict.

    To all those who cannot control their emotion, you will look for an apology for the frustration this causes to blindly rage around the lodge.  So here is a bone;  if you desire what alchemists seek, if you can commit, if you have the ability to go beyond your familiar logical mind, find a book about the Khabbalah.  If your mind is settled enough to know that the alchemists secrets are anything but the revelation of truths- the path may open.


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