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We are women helping women across the globe define, understand, and soar in their Marriage or Singleness, Family, and Career through words of encouragement and wisdom.

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Till Death Do us Part? or Something You Are Not Ready For? the REAL question. Marriage - the unbreakable vow but yet today over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Are you prepared to be married? Do you understand the commitment that you are making? Do you know the meaning of the vows you are making? Statistics reveal that marriages will end in divorce with the first 8 years of marriage. Grace & Mercy will answer these questions and more. Come join in the conversation - lets dissect the vows and commitments that you made or will make at the alter!
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Hey Ladies! We wear the Mask but what's behind the mask is the true identity.Sometimes we get so caught up in our little world, that we forget that everyone fights their own battle. We often say ‘Why me?!', hell, I know I... more

Hey Ladies, Are you sleeping with your enemy or is he the one true love you've been waiting for? How can you tell? There are signs you know and some time you are the enemy in your own relationship. In this show we will be talking about... more

The Big Pay Back..... Hey Everybody- We are back in full effect Ready for the new Year 2015- Hey Hey Hey! Is revenge really sweet..or is it a flash of imitation of happiness-to exact punishment or expiation for a wrong that was done to... more

Ladies, what the hell is "Love" and where in the hell did it come from? Is there a thin line between love and hate? Does love make you crazy? Why do women fall in love so easily? These questions and more we will discuss. One Scientist... more

Hey Ladies! There is a Difference between Men vs. Women in communication and we are going to talk about it on this show. How we communicate with each other plays a major role in the relationship. So brace yourself for the blow.... more

Loving yourself is one of the most fundamental parts of becoming a confident person, and that plays a huge role in your interactions, both with the world and with yourself. It is part intuition, part following your gut feel to be kind... more

A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have. Ok Ladies, do you agree with this quote. We will be talking about the definition of a true friend and how a true friend is hard to find.. What is a true friend? What is the definition... more

What is the purpose of Marriage? Do we need marriage now in the society we live in? Why Cant we just live together, with the divorce rate reaching unforeseen levels, is it really necessary for the heart break.? Why Should I get Married?... more

what is mental health? While there is no official definition of mental or emotional health, these terms generally refer to our thoughts, feelings and actions, particularly when faced with life's challenges and stressors. Throughout our... more

Hey Ladies, Protect yourself or not. The Right to bare Arms. We will be talking about the 2ND Amendment rights and how do we women stand in protecting ourself and our families. As of 2009, the United States has a population of 307... more