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Still Flyin' - More Gun Control and More Union Thuggery

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Flyover Territory

Flyover Territory


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Once more two situations have arisen that are a sirens' song call to the Professional Leftward Media to stand up and shout their cause from the rooftops. First is a mall shooting in Oregon that they went out of their way to remind of past occurances. Secondly is another northern blue state with heavy AFL-CIO/ Teamsters/ SEIU type influence & don't upset *THAT* stutus quo.

In regard to what Jacob Roberts did in the Clackamas Town Center Mall in Oregon, it's a situation that became a worse case scenario. I'm not going to play apologist for him, but I am going to point out yet another case had one citizen been present carrying a firearm, things might have turned out differently. Heck, just an ordinary gutsy person with a stungun, taser or big stick of hickory for that matter might have helped out.

Then it's on to the case of another heavily unionized state all up in arms over legislation that's fair to all; they don't like it when not fair to just those union thugs alone so they can feel a sense of superiority. How do they respond? Vandalism, wanton threats and assault. It's a shame when someone like Ed Schultz shows up, to which they are all cheers, laughter and mirth, but when someone they vehemently dislike is present, they pull out the bully handbook and swing for the fences.

All this and more coming up on Still Flyin' Over the Heartland!

Hosted by me, Flyover Territory, aka Eric, the acerbically witted, high octane, in-your-face, never-say-die, slightly irreverent, semi-seedy underbelly of the rightward side of the BTR dial

[WARNING! Questionable words may be used in the process of this episode... so you can't say weren't given a heads up!]