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Professional Left Media - Duck, Dodge and Downplay

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Flyover Territory

Flyover Territory


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So the rah-rah pompom bearers at the various shill outlets on cable are still at it. We'll delve into that in depth to a level they tend to find "shameful" of those who dare question them. Of course, that depth may be no more than your average mud puddle...

No hard questions for those who state some outlandish remarks or statements that serve as downright provocation and inspiration to the violence by those followers of said same hypocrites. Between WH Press Secretary Carney outright lying about PrezBO's hearing of violent rhetoric by one of his key campaign donors, Jimmy Hoffa Jr's unapologetic response when FINALLY asked, Indiana Congressman Andre Carson's (DEMOCRAT) constant race baiting speaking style or lastly, Al Gore stating scientists wouldn't lie for money to advance the global warming theory & agenda  - but those pestersome skeptics would!

It would seem there are none with stones enough to stand up to these cultural Marxists  and point out the inconsistencies that spew forth from their collective mouths. Only Jake Tapper of ABC appears to call them on the carpet whenever there is hypocricy coming forth; it's as though he's ABC's new Sam Donaldson in the White House Press Corps.

The others at NPR/PBS, AP/Reuters, NYT/WP, the Big 3 Networks, MSNBC & CNN seem to be nothing more than a collective arm of the DNC's Ministry of Propoganda and Reeducation. It would seem the Kabuki Puppet Theater has finally come to pass. We'll be discussing these points and so much more on this installment of the Still Flyin' Over the Hearland Show.

So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON!