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Your Voice, Your Vote, and Your Country... I don't have time or patience for political spin- only a need to fix what is obviously broken, with your help.

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SO you see a Tragedy and react?? It hurts- I get THAT.. But why are we waiting!? Why are we Passive!? #Hillary wants us all to get along.. #Trump wants to go a different path.. firm, harsh, uncomfortable.. WHO is Right? Where do we go?... more

Ever hear there are 2 sides to every coin? BUT isn't there a point where you just need to make a Stand?? Today, Now, Talking... but also trying to take a few calls... Check it out! Share it with Friends!

So you think Trump should make Nice with Conservatives in order to WIN?? So you think he needs to slide to the RIGHT to Win? WRONG!! (although I would love if he does..) INDEPENDENTS, Millenials, Reagan Democrats, are much... more

We have a National Debt- so WHO do we owe it to?? We have a Fed Balance of about $4T.. wouldn't you like options about HOW we pay that off? (wait til they raise rates and give themselves a RAISE..) We have a... more

Entitlement Reform, Tax Reform, Balanced Budget, Immigration Reform, Growth Policies...... So there it is- The Big Buckets of Issues in 2016 that NEED(not want) to be addressed by our next Leader, BUT--- Would you VOTE for them IF... more

Launching (or relaunching) to get the Issues BACK in front of all the Candidates, as they negatively skip through the puddles of primary and caucus lunacy in the weirdest Election Season EVER.. Listen in and Lets RELAUNCH together!! What... more

Obamacare, Education, Govt Contracts, Manufacturing/Jobs- nobody is safe in this tirade... I mean Episode..

Do I need new material?? With all the scandals on this planet- do I really need research? but the bigger question- DOES AMERICA CARE ANYMORE??

Author of "WHY?! Go Conservative", "FixTheNation.com" Conservative Tmely Passionate Logical Time to FixTheNation, isn't it?

Author of "WHY?! Go Conservative", "FixTheNation.com" Conservative Tmely Passionate Logical Time to FixTheNation, isn't it?