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ENVISION THIS:  A world in which science and only science no longer provides all the answers to everything

Craig Weiler, author of TED, WIKIPEDIA, AND THE BATTLE FOR THE INTERNET,  is a psychic and Parapsychology Journalist who blogs on the PSI controversy at The Weiler Psi. He documents the TED controversy over removing Rupert Sheldrake and other parapsychology researchers from the TEDx speakers list.  TED is “A nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. .”  Craig believes TED administrators caved in to pressure from organized, dogmatic skeptics, betraying their mission.   He explains how “The Internet is changing how science is done by making the skeptical gatekeeping much more difficult. Information about consciousness research has spread far and wide and its supporters are growing ever more vocal. Among those supporters is a growing group of people who are persistent and engaged enough to do battle with the skeptical paradigm.”  Craig advocates for an end to “scientism, the belief system in which science and only science has all the answers to everything.”  He writes, “This regrettable condition acts to preclude their unbiased consideration of phenomena on the cutting edge of science.” 

On this episode with Craig, Merry and Burl will explore how breaking free from this cultural meme of science as an “ism” (the ultimate arbiter of what may be thought and acted upon) can help humankind co-create a more inclusive, less materialistic future. Craig Weiler seeks to convince us that “skepticism is a form of bigotry,” the next bigotry that we must confront to evolve into a more open-minded, evidence based culture.  We will suggest that Craig is, himself, acting as a skeptic to scientism.