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Anti Propaganda, Forensic Internet Radio programming. This program will bring exposure to the issues that the mainstream media will not cover or will only give superficial coverage for. The TJC will present investigative reports, special interviews, political candidates forums, political analysis, special reports on the corruption in our government, judicial system and law enforcement. See The Justice Channel Blog at:

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During this show I will comment on issues in the news and about developments in the California state government. I will focus on the senate bills that stop illegal immigraton enforecement and the latest corruption in LAPD. The pictures in the... more

This show will be another discussion about the year 2013 and the atrocities that have occured in the state of California in the immigration arena. I will also give a report on the recent decision by the California supreme court to grant Sergio C.... more

In the city of Los Angeles, illegal aliens are demanding to end all deportations because it breaks up their families. The Los Angeles City Council has passed a resolution to demand that president Obama stop all deportations. See the TJC... more

Is the U.S. immigration system broken or is the U.S. government broken? During this episode, I will discuss how the judicial branch of our government has allowed the Bush Family Regime's immigration anarchy to continue to destroy... more

During this episode I will discuss how the U.S. Judicial system has a long history of ?contempt? against Black Americans. The most recent example from the George Zimmerman verdict is just the tip of the iceberg of the atrocities that... more

Duing this episode, I will compare the events of the 1992 riots in Los Angeles, California after the trial of the cops that beat Rodney King that lasted for about 3 days to the revolts in 2013 after the George Zimmerman verdict in Los Angeles.

In this episode I will discuss the behind the scenes meaning of the Zimmerman verdict that is coming to the main stream media. The Zimmerman verdict goes deeper than just the "stand your ground" law. The judicial branch of our... more

In this episode I will discuss the language used in the Florida Statute of self-defense that contains the "Stand Your Ground" section. This was used for the defense of George Zimmerman, for the murder of Trayvon Martin. It is also... more

In this program, I will analyze the Zimmerman verdict and show why it should have been murder one and why it was the result of jury misconduct and jury tampering by Zimmermans father! The Zimmerman trial and the final verdict is... more
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