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The creation and building of a self sustaining sacred sanctuary for the North American born indigenous woman who has never known what it is like to have our own men protect us. But we do know what it is like to be exploited, abused, molested, abandoned and even killed by them. And now it is time for we cast away Black Hebrew Sistuhs to tell our own stories of what our lives have truly been like with our Hebrew men living in America under colonial Babylonian Gentile Domination.

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Shalom everyone. Tonight we have some Ferguson Missour updates and contact information to pass on and then we will do some show clip highlights from last night just to get some discussion flowing. Phone lines will be opened... more

Shalom everyone, i originally was supposed to do a show on Naturalization, voting and why we as Blacks don't express or utilize the natural rights of being a American Citizen that others flock here from other countries to enjoy and covet.... more

Shalom everyone, Will kick the show off discussing weapon ownership and why Black women especially should get their license to carry and (train) to be a responsible gun owner. This is whether you have children or not. I don't know... more

Shalome everyone. Tonight 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood will be playing DJ, while sitting outside by the rainbow colored craklin fire pit in my yard, and you already know i will be slurpping on my favorite beverage (((wink ;-))). If you feel like... more

Shalom everyone. Tonight the 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood Community will be addressing the subject of Culture. What is Culture? There are about seven diverse definitions for this word but here are the ones I would prefer we to focus on,... more

Part II of the true relationship between white woman and Blackmen, especially when they are married with progeny is often not discussed or paid close attention to. And for those Black men who do (know) they are extremly tight lipped... more

Shalom everyone. Yesterdays show was epic x 9, so I hope all of you go into my archives and get yourself educated. You will not regret it. Tonights show will be just as explosive and informative and trust me, you will want to download... more

Shalom everyone. This evening I want to discuss the platform and manifest destiny doctrine of the global aka (universal) blueprint of the system of codefied White Skinned Supremacy and how (they) are able to get those tribes and races... more

Shalom everyone, tonight I want to share some interesting end time prophecy videos from youtube as well as as do a recap of last nights show on Sex, Matchmaking, and Mating Rituals: Who Should Determine the Rules since I got... more

Shalom everyone, 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood is here again with another powerful and relevant topic. If one observes what we call the Black community or Black Family it doesn't take a Dr. Ruth or a Dr. Jewel Pookrum to tell us that we... more