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The creation and building of a self sustaining sacred sanctuary for the North American born indigenous woman who has never known what it is like to have our own men protect us. But we do know what it is like to be exploited, abused, molested, abandoned and even killed by them. And now it is time for we cast away Black Hebrew Sistuhs to tell our own stories of what our lives have truly been like with our Hebrew men living in America under colonial Babylonian Gentile Domination.

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Shalom everyone. Today show, I'll be reading some tweets and some FB post. I am also asking those of you who listen to me and follow me to give me some suggestions on what day and time y'all would like for me to do the 9Mind... more

Shalom everyone. 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood is continueing or discussion on Black inndigenous genetic Survival and how we can defend ourselves from the SILENT WEAPONS of the quiet WARS we find ourselves in daily.WARS that are really... more

Shalom everyone. Tonight I will be reading some of my most controversial FB post and continueing the discussion on Black indigenous genetic survival and we just may have some time to get back on the topic of Polygamy and who is... more

Shalom everyone, had to switch up the nights program intinary this week due to Blogtalk technical difficulties. Bringing the music as I promised every Wednesday. Enjoy. Call in if you want to. Also Accepting music request. 713.955.0709 Let's... more

Shalom everyone, tonight is supposed to be music night but because I had some challenges with Mondays show there where some things I didnt get a chance to discuss are bring up and because I was not certain if I was even broacasting... more

Shalom everyone, tonight on the 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood I will be discussing the silent wars being waged against us and why polygamy for a intelligent elect group of us must be seriously considered as a viable sustainable life style must... more

Shalom everyone. This mornnig is just an open show with me addressing FB post. Call in are welcome. But if there is no calls I still will be on the 9MIND Frequency with or with out you. 713.955.0709

Shalom everyone, Tonight I want to talk about how Black men globally are viewd by the many Caucaus Asian tribes aka sons of Canaan and why they are so easily beguiled into a false sense of saftey when it comes to WM, and how they... more

Shalom everyone, tonight i'm doing nothing but oldie but goodie music. Sometimes i have to listen to music when Black Americans knew they where Black and (loved) it. All calls are welcome If you wanna chat. May have some... more

Shalom everyone, I'm back after a extended vacation from social media. Sometimes the level of degeneracy I view on SM is so infecting that I simply have to leave and go DETOX myself so that I can stay germ and perversion free. I... more