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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Hos 11:6  The sword shall be like a whirlwind upon their CITIES to consume their possessions.  They shall suffer due to their EVIL RULERS. 7 For MY people are inclined to backslide from ME. Though they call unto YAH, they take counsel among themSELVES, that NONE at all exalts HIM!   8 How then shall I raise YOU up, O Ephraim? How shall I SAVE YOU, O Israel?   Must I do YOU too as I did ADAMAH?  Must I set YOU too as I did ZEBOIM (SODOM-GOMORRAH)? (Gen 14:1-4)  My heart is turned within Me.  For them who turn to hear Me, My tender mercies are moved. 9  That MY people be not utterly destroyed, I will not execute the full fierceness of My anger. (Isaiah 48:1-<9-10>-49:10)  I did not return to destroy Ephraim; for I am YAH, not mere man in the midst of you; I am your Holy One. I will halt my wrath that is upon your CITIES. 10  For YOU SHALL walk after the LORD!  I shall roar like a lion. Because I shall roar, MY sons shall come trembling from the WEST. 11 You SHALL come fast like a bird out of Egypt;  like a dove from Assyria. And I will bring you back to your dwelling place, says YAH. (Isaiah 16:1-5 HBAET)

WHAT  MUST YAH DO that MEN at last BELIEVE as ONE to AGREE with HIM?  Messiah did NOT give HIS LIFE that TRUTH be FORGOTTEN never needing again to be REMEMBERED!  Shall the SAVIOR be counted an ENEMY because SURVIVAL-PEACE demands ALL learn beyond ALL worldly status quos to AGREE with YAH?  SHILOH the KURDI shall be known the ONLY SAVIOR because HE ALONE in a FALLEN WORLD is CHOSEN to reveal the HIDDEN THINGS that must COMPLETE HIS PEOPLE!   SALVATION is by FAITH!   Never was COVENANT to them REFUSING to believe HIM FULLY as HE IS!