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Ed Ymiah Gospel Revealed



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INSPIRED, MISSING LINK, "POLItically INcorrect" FOUNDING bible wisdom from uniquely piercing EASTERN HEBRAIC PERSPECTIVE for the ELECT humble soul. YAH . YEOSHUA . ISRAEL . HOLY KINGDOM WORLD PEACE . TRUE SALVATION . Holy Name Precepts Revealed . Covenant Remembrance . The Gospel of Righteousness . "CITY" PROPHECIES . KING OF THE EAST . Vindicating the Holy Name . (Mark 10:26-27 .. John 1:1, 14:20 .. Isaiah 19:18-25 ASV/ RSV/ NIV .. Genesis 31:51-53 .. Joshua 22:34 .. Hosea 9:7-9)

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Note this important point. The faithful patriarchs were not those who trusted the common status quo. To this very day, even the seemingly most enlightened of us have not remembered nor known the saving truth. Because men have expected... more

Isa 48:22 There is NO PEACE, where is lawLESSness says My YAH! Isa 49:1 So LISTEN to ME, O isles! HEARKEN, ye NATIONS afar off! The MOST HIGH has called ME from the WOMB; from the BODY of My MOTHER has HE made an... more

Isa 59:8 The WAY OF PEACE they KNOW NOT; and there is NO JUDGEMENT in their goings: they have made them CROOKED PATHS: whosoever goes therein shall NOT KNOW PEACE. If you are DAMNED under a FALSE... more

How do you know whether you have committed a sin, if you don't discern precisely what it is? Nearly TWENTY ONE CENTURIES AGO it was prophesied. Due to the MANY PERDITIOUS INTRUSIONS of WORLDLY PRINCIPALITIES... more

The indiscriminately irreverent and very much so POLYtheist nature of this present "system of things" has deceived the masses into blasphemously insulting the gift testimony of the Holy Spirit unawares! Learn the truth while you can! In... more

The WICKED RULERS of this world have taught the people the "doctrine of the GRACE of YAH in so many ways.. ENTIRELY WRONG!" They have done this seeking to keep ALL PEOPLES of this WORLD in BONDAGE under the SINS of... more

On this show I have said this repeatedly! 30 YEARS AGO the MOST HIGH told ME DIRECTLY! Before this age is over, THEY will legislate as THEIR LAW, every manner of INSANITY UNIMAGINABLE! TODAY was a DAY of MANY UNHOLY... more

Mat 28:18 And Yeshua came up and spoke to them, saying, "ALL AUTHORITY has been given to ME from ON HIGH over ALL the EARTH. Mat 28:19 "GO therefore and CONVERT/ MAKE DISCIPLES of ALL the NATIONS! BAPTIZE... more

The RULERS of the EARTH FATALLY FLATTER to seduce the MASSES after FALSE PRIDE unworthy to receive the DISCIPLINE of the ONE MOST HIGH! ONLY the MESSIAH can HEAL the AFFLICTION wrought of the MURDER of... more
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