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Ed Ymiah Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Gospel Revealed


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The apostle Yacob in his letter to the tribes scattered among the nations, warned them saying, "A DOUBLE-MINDED PEOPLE are UNSTABLE in ALL their WAYS!" (Yacob 1:1-8>-11>-17)   It is certain that there being some 45,000 denominations in the earth is the result of much MAN-MADE RELIGION!   Yet YAH signs NO CONTRACT that HE is NOT the AUTHOR OF!    Amidst some 45K denominations, the GOSPEL, the TRUE WORD of YAH is HID!    In that HE comes to as the WORD of YAH to REVEAL the HIDDEN THINGS, even the TRUTH of the GOSPEL, is it any wonder that MESSIAH HIMSELF is called THE CONCEALED ONE?   The SALVATION of MAN is indeed in having ACCESS to the HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH that a WHOLE WORLD for MANY GENERATIONS sought to HIDE, DENY, PERVERT, SILENCE and DESTROY!

Messiah said, "IF you are MY DISCIPLES, you would know the TRUTH and the TRUTH would set you FREE!"   If ALL who call upon HIS NAME are DISCIPLES under HIM, how are there some 45,000 denominations across some 280+ nations?    Does everyone discern the difference between the WORD OF YAH and the FALSE DOCTRINES of an OTHER?  Do all who say they believe know the TRUTH of the EXCEEDING GOSPEL that OVERCOMES this WORLD of MASS MISREPRESENTATIONS?    When the TRUTH is REVEALED, shall ALL be prepared to instantly rationally receive it?    There is a REASON that MESSIAH is called the "CONCEALED ONE!"  For NOT ALL discern swiftly what indeed is the WORKMANSHIP of YAH!   Yet the day comes when, "EVERY EYE SHALL SEE THE GLORY OF YAH!"