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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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Rom 11:25  I would NOT Brethren, leave you UNWISE to this MYSTERY, else ye think ye are wise in YOUR OWN CONCEITS. Blindness in PART is come upon ISRAEL, unTIL the TIMES OF THE GENTILES (WORLDLY CONFUSIONS/ SIN) COMES TO AN END!  26 Then ALL ISRAEL shall be SAVED from the NATIONS: as written, The DELIVERER shall come OUT OF ZION! HE shall turn away UNgodliness from Yacob: 27 This is My COVENANT with them. I shall DELIVER to make them ONE.... 

Under MANY diverse beliefs MANY claim to be SAVED!  In TRUE AUTHORITY of HIS FATHER'S NAME, MESSIAH comes TO SAVE MISLED MAN from VAIN PRETENSES of MEN! (Exo 20:1-7)

Isa 59:19  So shall they REVERE the NAME of the LORD in the WEST, and will GLORIFY HIM in the EAST!  When FLOODS of DECEIVERS come, the Spirit of YAH lifts a STANDARD against him. 20 The SAVIOR shall come of ZION, for who TURNS FROM TRANSGRESSION in Yacob, says YAH. 21 As for ME, THIS is MY COVENANT with them, says YAH; MY Spirit upon thee, MY words which I have put in thy mouth, shall NOT depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, says YAH, from HENCEFORTH forever.

Micah 7:4 The BEST of them is as a BRIAR, The MOST UPRIGHT like a thorn hedge. .. 7:5 Trust not a neighbor; Confide not in a friend. From her who lies in your bosom, Guard your lips. 7:6 A son deceives his father. A daughter deceives her mother, Daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; A man's enemies are of his own household. 7:7 But as for me, I will WATCH EXPECTANTLY for the LORD; I will WAIT for the HOLY ONE of my SALVATION. My YAH will hear me. (Isa.40:27-41:4, ch.56-58)