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Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed

Ed Ymiah Hid-Gospel Revealed


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TO DENY the GIFT-GRACE of YAH, the MERCIFUL LIGHT of ABSOLUTION is an open DOOR to ALL MANNER of DECEPTION, DECEIVERS and DARKNESS as men are unawares are left to DEPRAVED CONFUSION in a WORLD where NONE DISCERNS to CHALLENGE the MYSTERIES of UNJUST INIQUITY!   The GRACE of YAH is the LIGHT of ABSOLUTE TRUTH that DISPELLS the OBSTACLES that are them who uphold DARKNESS! (Isaiah 29:8-16)   For the PLAN of YAH is from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!

The concept of "RELIGIOUS FREEDOM" is compromise after all manner diverse PUBLIC OPINIONS, the briberies  of status quo mind controls, trickery leaving souls BEGUILED under snares of spiritual depravity, irreverence, and debates far from FAITH!    To despise pursuit for the ABSOLUTE WILL of YAH is unto MASS DECEPTION and EXPLOITATION unawares!    The GRACE, the MERCY of YAH is the LIGHT of TRUTH ABSOLUTE!   For where ALL are BLIND, the MOST HIGH sends PROPHETS who will stand up to discern and expose as did the TRUE PROPHETS of OLD that the FALSE PROPHETS are right there among so-called "CHURCHES" of INSTITUTIONALIZED STATUS QUO RELIGION!   For they SWEAR against the HOLY NAME and worship VANITIES when men give SOCIAL LICENSE to speak DECEPTIVELY against the ONE ONLY EVERLASTING WAY of TRUTH, LIFE, and PEACE! (Jude 1:1-15)  Truth compromised is ignorance and lies in disguise.  Self-righteously arrogant contentions amidst mutually impure imperfect belief systems; is a TRICK wherein men will find they MOCKED also the HOLY NAME of the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL unawares!   It happened 2100 years ago.   Yet YAH has a PLAN whereby the WHOLE WORLD shall be PUT TO SHAME in that ALL have defied OBLIGATION unto the TRUTH of the HOLY NAME!    In THAT DAY shall EVERY MOUTH be SILENCED in SHAME that MEN KNOW HOW to REPENT unto the LIVING YAH! (Isaiah 24-27)