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    Former Pussy Cat Doll Recording Artist Jessica Sutta

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Jessica Sutta.
    Chart-topping dance-pop artist JESSICA SUTTA is putting the finishing touches on new album FELINE RESURRECTION, an alluring blend of irresistible hooks, addictive club beats and thick disco grooves. The ex-cat Doll is recording the disc in Los Angeles with Rico Love (Beyonce, Usher, David Guetta), Benny Cassette (Kanye West, Nelly), Mams Taylor (Snoop, T-Pain, Robbie Williams) and Grammy winner Malik Yusef (Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco) and is looking at a fall release. “I can’t wait for people to hear this record,” says Sutta. “Fans have been asking when we’ll be finished, but we’re having so much fun in the studio that we don’t want to leave. But I promise it’ll be worth the wait.” FELINE RESURRECTION follows 2013’s hit single “Lights Out,” which shot to No. 3 on Billboard’s Dance chart and 2011’s “Show Me,” which rocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Dance chart, making Sutta the first cat Doll to hit No. 1 as a solo artist. Sutta, however, was no stranger to the top of the charts, having already hit No. 1 with “Make It Last,” from Grammy nominated producer Dave Audé (Katy Perry, Madonna, Rihanna), and No. 3 with “White Lies,” a collaboration with Grammy-winning artist Paul van Dyk. Sutta’s introduction to the global pop scene was made as a member of The cat Dolls, a worldwide phenomenon and one of the best-selling girl groups of all time. During her time with the Dolls, Sutta garnered a Grammy nomination, won two Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and played to sold-out audiences around the planet, including stadium shows with artists such as Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and The Black Eyed Peas.  

  • New Heights Show on Education with Host Charlotte McGuire

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    Topic: "Repealing Common Core; Is it Possible?
    "Charlotte will share truths, and dispel myths about Common Core.  So families can come together in knowledge, action, and voices for education."  This episode will update attempts of caring citizens and leaders to repeal common core.
    Our Mission:
    The New Heights Educational Group Inc. supports literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services.  Such services include assisting families in their selection of schools, organization of educational activities, and acquisition of materials.  We promote a healthy learning environment and offer enrichment programs for families of preschool and school age children, including children with special needs.

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    Celebrity Marisa Silver Discusses Her Experience on Bravo's Extreme Parenting

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Celebrity Marisa Silver.
    Dr. Silver has more than 20 years experience with personal fitness, diet and health nutrition.  She has filtered through all the information on health today and identified those concepts that really work. Her medical training as a Chiropractor, enhances her knowledge in how the body works, allowing her to design a fitness routine that works for each individual.

  • A Conversation With National Student Poets

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    Each year, five National Student Poets are chosen from a pool of outstanding writers, grades 9-11, who have received a national Scholastic Art & Writing Award for poetry. Help us celebrate National Poetry Month with a conversation and some poetry reading with this year's National Student Poets.


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  • Its Our Business To Tell Your Business: Child Support News

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    It's my business to  update our listeners concerning news for education purposes.  Child support news is all about Decent Disadvanted Non Custodial Parent Obligors ("DDNCPO') that are being treated like "deadbeat parents." There are no programs or support for these individuals for just in case the economy fails, the loss of jobs, or can't find a job in time to combat losing drivers license, or going to jail as a crime, etc., just because they cannot pay their child support in a timely manner. The child support agencies have monitors on who is and who is not paying child support payments and they know who are the deadbeats vs. decent.  The caseworkers is given all reigns to decide how obligors should be penalized, if at all depending on the circumstances.
    FFI, Inc. is an organization that deals with this issue...DDNCPO.  They are not deadbeats these people are not avoiding to pay there obligations, they are simply having a problem with uncertainties concerning, employers, the economy, circumstances they don't have control over.
    FFI is not here to fight, but to bring public awareness.
    We need your help to support DDNCPO from being victimized and defrauded by our Child Support agencies and family courts.
    It's my business to tell the business, and hopefully someone will help to address this vulnerable issue. Children and families are being killed, because the obligors can't afford to pay...they have no money.
    Please contact Alpha C. Hales for more information on how you can become a volunteer in the fight for support of Decent Disadvantaged Non Custodial Parent Obligors at:
    familyfirstint.org and/or familyfirstinternational@gmail.com
    Join us here to discuss the matters on Child Support News, next Thursday @ 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST.  call in at this call in number and have some input, we need your support. 347-884-8684. 

  • That's Hell baby! (work in progress title)

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    this show will appear with any month that has five thursdays. that will be a colabaration  between hells to the yeah and thats il baby, as well as other people from our thursday line ups.

  • Nation within a Nation: The March on the U.N.

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    We will discuss how we can best help the efforts of the United Nations: GENEVA — A U.N. anti-torture panel that’s investigating the United States said Friday that it was deeply concerned by what it described as the high incidence of police brutality and shootings especially against African-Americans in the U.S., We will the discuss the UN recommendation “that all instances of police brutality and excessive use of force by law enforcement officers are investigated promptly, effectively and impartially by an independent mechanism with no institutional or hierarchical connection between the investigators and the alleged perpetrators.” We will discuss the periodic review of U.S. compliance with the anti-torture convention, and whether or not there need to be changes in the reporting, the U.S. was last reviewed in May 2006. We will discuss the number of reported deaths that followed the use of stun guns, in addition to the recommendation of the UN that the weapons be used “exclusively in extreme and limited situations” and be banned for use on children and pregnant women. We will discuss the U.N.'s concern at what it described as the high number of deaths in custody – 958 inmates died in American jails in 2012, up nearly 8 percent from2010, and it's call for the U.S. government to investigate all deaths of detainees promptly.
    We shall discuss the benefits of a Peaceful march on the U.N.,the Pro's and Con's, the benefits, costs, and relevancy to our current situation. This dialogue is open to everyone, and everybody who has something to contribute

  • The Free American

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    America is now occupied by a foreign anti-America occupying force, DHS, that intends to oppress, tyrannize, disarm and systematically mass-murder up to 90% of all Americans. Everyday more and more basic freedoms and good American jobs are being removed from America. The very best cure is to completely decapitate the WZs from their source of FIAT Money-power by “nationalizing” the Federal Reserve System, seizing all its assets, arresting all of its Directors, trying them for RICO Financial Fraud, Sedition and Treason. And then all their holdings and gains, yes even personal gains, properties, foreign bank accounts, all assets musty be seized and clawed back including their autos, homes and personal bank accounts. All so-called American Debt and deficits must be immediately cancelled and considered null and void.
    And then DHS must be immediately put out of business with the DHS principals arrested for Treason and Sedition and foreign espionage agents against America as well as criminal RICO. The American Police must return all the Military equipment they were given back to the American Military and their operations once again be performed as “protecting and serving” the community. No new police hired without passing a basic IQ test and the brightest most honorable with high character personal ethics hired first!
    CRD Publishing
    PO Box 144 Big Spring TX 79721
    520-413-2397 Cell 512-767-4561 http://freeamerican.com SKYPE Address: freeamerican69
    10:00 am Eastern clay@freeamerican.com


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    Gryphon House & Kaplan Early Learning bring us Peter Pizzolongo , NAEYC's Associate Executive Director for professional Development, on the National Institute for Professional Devleopment, June 7-10 in New Orleans.

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