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  • #whyiwrite: Get Ready for the 2015 National Day on Writing

    in Education

    For this year's National Day on Writing (NDOW) on October 20 we will focus on the what, how, and why of writing and we are asking people in our community to share their writing life by posting on social media with the hashtag #whyiwrite. To get the conversation started, members of NWP's Writers Council—all authors of YA novels—will join us on this episode of NWP Radio.

  • Its Our Business To Tell Your Business In Child Support News: Its Election Time!

    in Education

    The message is clear to have dialogue about the "Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act ("DPPA"). Does everyone deserve to be called out of their name a "deadbeat?"
    What we mean by this is, does this name warrant exclusions for name calling, is this a form of discrimination?
    Its election time and time for a new President to arise and this subject needs looking into, to uncover does everyone that pays child support fall under the " DPPA" catagory and what are some of the issues in child support that need officials attention?
    To demarcate the difference between decent people and deadbeat people when paying child support. To find another name to call people that can't pay child support. Does this "Act" violate the constitution under cruel and unusual punishment and involuntary servitude "Slavery?"  Is this "Act" unfair to "Decent Disadvantaged Non Custodial Parent Obligors" Going to jail, simply because of not being able to pay their obligations, and coming out with a label and for sure not to get a job, having undue hardships place upon people, which then causes a public safety issue, because Men (Fathers) are now killing their children and the women ( Mothers), because there is no hope, no jobs, no way to control what is happening. The unemployment rates are up, according to Donald Trump, "40 percent." We feel there is a catastrophy about to happen if our elected officials don't view this systemic issue and reopen the "DPPA" and reconstruct this act that was signed in by President Bill Clinton in 1996. To give a way of escape to decent disadvantaged non custodial parent obligors; a chance to have protection and  cushion of relief from this act.
    Or we all should be called deadbeats and go to jail cause we can't pay our debts.

  • Terrific Minded Thurday

    in Education

    Terrific Minded Thursdays Tonight 10/8/2015  6:30pm CST/ 7:30pm EST Ever Wondered What Cyber Security was or what it means to you? Well tonight we are going to break down the confusion and empower you with Knowledge on how to protect yourself from Cyber Attacks, Bullies, Stalkers and Hackers and what you can do to stop cyber crimes from happening to you!

  • What do you REALLY want?? OBE, Astral & Lucid Dreaming - with Darryl Berry

    in Education

    We are excited to have Darry E Berry, long time practitioner, researcher, and observer of all things metaphysical, mystical, and cutting edge, including the out-of-body experience or astral travel, extraterrestrial life, consciousness development, channeling, telepathy, spirituality especially purely non-dualistic thought such as A Course in Miracles, as well as fourth-density thought. 

  • Native American Legends & Heroes: Crazy Horse

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    Crazy Horse was born on the Republican River about 1845. He was killed at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, in 1877, so that he lived barely thirty-three years.
    He was an uncommonly handsome man. While not the equal of Gall in magnificence and imposing stature, he was physically perfect, an Apollo in symmetry. Furthermore he was a true type of Indian refinement and grace. He was modest and courteous as Chief Joseph; the difference is that he was a born warrior, while Joseph was not. However, he was a gentle warrior, a true brave, who stood for the highest ideal of the Sioux [Lakota.]  Notwithstanding all that biased historians have said of him, it is only fair to judge a man by the estimate of his own people rather than that of his enemies.

  • The Path Back to Freedom

    in Education

    This is my show for Thursday nights on the A.I.M. Network at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific...
    I have named the show "The Path Back to Freedom".
    Click the link below or if you prefer, the number to call and listen or join in is (323) 870-4183; press 1 to raise your hand to be in the queue when I'm taking calls.
    I will typically take callers in the second hour to discuss what was presented in the first. Please keep your comments relevant to the material presented in any given show.
    The show is rated PG-13, so I request that all callers refrain from using profanity; violators of this rule will receive one warning and be ejected after the second offense. I am trying to reach as many people as possible and profanity does not facilitate that objective.


    in Education

    TRIUMPH LEARNING  presents Jerry Kaplan, Math consultant, educator and one heck of a terrific guest.

  • The Free American

    in Education

        In America, We The People have all been BETRAYED by our elected leaders. If this is true, and it is, What do we do about it? We Americans are finally waking up to the sad and tragic fact that we have been terribly betrayed by our elected officials in DC and all the major institutions of the USG.     The anger that is now arising and smoldering in mainstream America is unfathomable to the arrogant Establishment which is now being exposed for the first time publicly for what it is, Evil beyond imagination.      I woke up 20 years ago and started the Militia in New Mexico, The Free American Magazine and this radio show. The following films show a great part of what I have learned and much of that is documented in my book, "Mystery Babylon, the New World Order Unveiled" which documents the attempt on my life and the attempted destruction of my businesses and magazines. Everything I have tried to tell you is accurate and truthful. If we are going to successfully oppose this Jewish/Communist/English New World Order we have to work together. I desperately need your support and donations to travel and continue this battle! Clay Douglas

  • CMC Radio Presents: Pat Hale, Director of System Design & Mgmt at MIT

    in Education

    CMC Radio Presents: Pat Hale, Director of System Design & Mgmt at MIT


    in Education

    LEGO EDUCATION brings us Dina Loper Rendina, the media specialist at Stewart Middle Magnet School in Tampa FL.

  • Civilization Bringers: Planetary Open Forum Friday 49¢ Stamp Status Ascension V2

    in Education

    Chopping it up about what ever you want to speak on in the World... or on Urantia
    Get out of the mind set of locals... Local to a Town, City, Municipality, State, Coutry, Reigion, Hepishere, Planet
    The United States Postal Service today announced proposed price changes, including an increase in the price of a First-Class local domestic NIGGA mail single-piece letter from 46 cents to 49 cents.
    Staying home+No Passport+Traveling only for work+Never leaving your State+Slight Cowardis for New Things= 49¢ Stamp Local Domestic Status

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