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  • PAECT Radio: KTI Summit Review Show

    in Education

    Listen in as hosts Rachelle Poth and Dom Salvucci interview attendees and organizers of the 2015 KTI Summit.  The KTI Summit is a unique educator driven experience where attendees share, learn, and collaborate best practices in educational technology use in the classroom.  Keystone Technology Innovators have evolved over the years becoming a strong network of educators who support each other with ideas, best practices, and friendship in an attempt to make learning effective, interesting, and dynamic for students.

  • You Were Born To Be Rich

    in Education

    What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word rich? Do you think about lots of money? Fancy cars? Big houses? Lavish vacations? Although these things are great to have, if you think they will truly make you wealthy then I invite you to think again. Being rich is more about a mindset than the accumulation of material things. A person could make ten thousand dollars a year and still be rich and wealthy as long as they have the right mindset. Have you ever seen a story in which a celebrity has millions upon millions of dollars and yet their lives are in complete chaos? Some of them struggle with addictions, depression, failed relationships and a host of other things that confirm that they really aren't happy. On the outside it appears that they are rich but on the inside they are completely bankrupt. If you're truly ready to learn how to create a rich mindset and build authentic internal wealth, join me as I interview Janine Ingram about her remarkable inspirational book, Born To Be Rich. In this interview she will be sharing how to build true internal wealth and a lifestyle that makes your heart sing with passion and joy. You were "Born To Be Rich" so tune in to learn how!

  • SQWYD UNIVERSITY: It's Time To Move To The Next Level Of Thinking!

    in Education

    Tonight at 10:00 PM EST! Join Sqwyd University! The Next Level of Thinking!
    Topics for September 3, 2015
    Professor Sqwyd addresses the falsehood of the “victim” mindset. William “Ikemba” Crowley returns to lecture the students of Sqwyd University.
    Professor Crowley will be discussing the MORE IMPORTANT but lesser known alphabet agencies such as B.I.S., The  I.M.F., W.B., B.R.I.C.S., A.I.I.B., C.O.M.E.R., and the N.D.B.
    The Call-in Number for the Shows is (347) 838-8420 OR visit www.gregdoss.com and click on “LISTEN TO THE GREG DOSS & DJ SQWYD SHOW / SQWYD UNIVERSITY” Changing Perspective Can Change Results!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gregdoss

  • Is the Black Lives Matter Movement Really Changing Politics

    in Education

    In this show, we talk about how the Black Lives Matter Movement is trying to work and change politics in America.


    in Education

    We've got EXO U COO Kevin Pawsey on an incredible technology management system for learning.

  • The Free American

    in Education

    The NWO I have warned you about for 20 years is rapidly approaching. This is nothing less than the same Communist System that has killed more than a billion people in Russia, Cguba and dozens if other counties around the world. That is why, inaddition to my guests, I put on shows with the history you can't get off your TV. Makes a donation here: www.freeamerican.com - for libraries www.crdouglas.com - to order my books or films www.shop.freeamerican.com


    in Education

        Todays show will feature several Guests in BROTHER TONE, BROTHER AMOON and a few others along with yours truly the "LION OF JUDAH, BROTHER SHARIF" who will elevate the Gods, Kings, & Young Masters in efforts to repair the Family, Re-Unite Man & Woman, and improve the Health & Mental Stability of our Men and Woman.

  • Coming Clean After Holding Secrets: True Confessions Part 2

    in Education

    How would you go about telling a truth, after concealing a lie?  What if it exposed, what would you do or say...
    Tell another lie to cover up the other, or fess up that you did it?
    What Secret should you tell: Before they find out?
    I've cheated on you I live a double life I got other children on the side I'm pregnant and I don't know if it is yours I have Aids, Hepititus or Herpes I have an addiction...explain to what I have mental and emotional issues My family has mental and/physical impariments in our genes When should you tell a Secret?
    After 3 months of getting to know the basics about someone? Right away? After you have sex? Over candle light and dinner All of the above? Who should know about your secret and can you trust them?
    Whatever it is, what is the COSTof coming clean?  What if you kept a secret for a friend, what is the COST for doing it, what is the COST for telling it...what is the CONSEQUENCES? How would one act on something like this:
    No longer can you be trusted? God will bless you for not standing in an EVIL thing? Using the method that love COVERS the mulitude of sins? lose family members, relationships, and friendships for doing the right thing.?? Compassion Use PRUDENCE and JUDGEMENT before you tell anything that will damage your reputation, loyalty, or integrity.  Decide if the person is trustworthy to handle your secret with care, supplication in prayer, and come to a mutual understanding if this is something you want in your life..
    Give a person a chance to make an EDUCATED DECISION about being withyou!
    Join me, Miss D and my Co-host Akeelah Ali on this topic 347-884-8684

  • I Think...Therefore I Am, I Am....Therefore I Think

    in Education

    What is the Mind? What is the brain? What are the powers of the Mind? What abilities does the brain have?  What is thought? What is presence? Join us as we break these down and show their relativity to one another. Open DiscussionJust call-in at (323) 870-3897 NO CODES NEEDED or log-in at www.blogtalkradio.com/usot
    This is another production of the Universal School Of Thought

  • How Free is Your Will (FellowzFriday)

    in Education

    "Brothaz Uniting 4 A Change" is back at you asking if your Free-Will cost you...or is it in essence free? ? ? Take time out this Friday evening to chop it up with the Fellowz of "Brothaz Uniting 4 A Change"!!! Jevon Gee, Curtis Wise Jr., Brotha Black, & Bruh Jay (The 6 Step Guru)...in Love & Service www.popsmovement.net

  • I was just thinking...ancestor Ella Baker! And Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

    in Education

    Ella Josephine Baker (December 13, 1903 – December 13, 1986) was an African-American civil rights and human rights activist. She was a largely behind-the-scenes organizer whose career spanned over five decades.
    She mentored many emerging activists such as Diane Nash, Stokely Carmichael, Rosa Parks, and Bob Moses. She was a critic of professionalized, charismatic leadership and a promoter of grassroots organizing and radical democracy.
    She has been called;
    "One of the most important African American leaders of the twentieth century and perhaps the most influential woman in the civil rights movement."
    We need a multipronged approach to activism. Listen to Ella Baker as she lays out strategies we need to use today.
    There is nothing new under the Sun! This is your grandmothers Civil Rights Movement, because the struggle continues!
    Friday Nite- 5PM PST or 8PM EST

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