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Empowering Family Caregivers

Empowering Family Caregivers

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Co-Founder Susan Baida, will interview Dr. Gordon Atherley, Host of The Radio Show: Family Caregivers Unite! "Family Caregivers Unite!" seeks to expand recognition of family caregivers as persons who by their own efforts and at their own expense subsidize the healthcare system.

Dr. Atherley is a Principal in Greyhead Associates, Oakville, Ontario, which performs research of a critical nature focused on the use of information technology in healthcare and provides development of knowledge and information services in healthcare publishers. He is also a strategic partner in the development of knowledge services for family caregivers with Caregiver Omnimedia, a communications and marketing company serving the home care market in Canada, and publisher of the newspaper, The Family Caregiver.

Susan Baida and John Mills invite their listeners to visit their website, - a central, no-cost portal for all things aging. Visit the blog, products page, legal docs, etc. at
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