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  • 00:31

    What I Have Learned About Myself While Caregiving

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to a caregiver panel about their personal learning journeys.

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    Tools to Navigate the Healthcare System

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Karyn Rizzo, author of "Aging in America Navigating Our Healthcare System" and patient advocate, about resources to help caregivers through varied health-related decisions such as choosing the right doctor, advanced directives, to name a few.

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    Creating Support Teams to Assist Caregivers and their Families

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to Steven Warnock, Executive Director of Project-Compassion, an agency headquartered in Chapel Hill whose mission is to create community by organizing groups of volunteers to help those living with illness and their caregivers.

  • ABCs of Diabetes Care

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Lorraine Starsky, Public Health Nurse for Allegheny County Health Department's Chronic Disease Prevention Program about the basics of diabetes and tips to delay its onset.

  • 00:19

    Physical Therapy: A Potential Boon for Seniors

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Karena Wu, owner and clinical director of ActiveCare Physical Therapy, about what physiotherapy is and how it benefits seniors through many conditions.

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    Q&A with eCareDiary and Respite Care Expert Jill Kagan

    in Health

    Join us when eCareDiary’s Co-Founder Susan Baida interviews Jill Kagan.
    Jill is Program Director for Lifespan Respite Training at the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center. She also serves as Chair of the National Respite Coalition, the policy division of the ARCH National Respite Network. 
    The mission of the ARCH National Respite Network and Resource Center is to assist and promote the development of quality respite and crisis care programs; to help families locate respite and crisis care services in their communities; and to serve as a strong voice for respite in all forums.
    Jill represents NRC on national coalitions and has served on national advisory boards, including the Advisory Committees for the AARP Caregiver Coalition Research Project and the National Council on Disability’s Livable Communities for People with Disabilities.

  • 00:29

    Support Systems for Sandwich Caregivers

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Carole Brecht and Jan Steinle nee Reisman, Co-founders of the Sandwich Woman about the biggest gaps in support for caregivers and their involvement with social media to create resources.

  • 00:27

    What You Should Know Before Hospitalization

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Melissa Kahn, Founder of Kahn Healthcare Consulting and author of The Personal Healthcare Passport about things to prep for and list of important documents to get ready before hospitalization.

  • 00:33

    eCareDiary Interviews Dr. Rein Tideiksaar on Fall Prevention

    in Health

    On Tuesday, May 24th at 2pm EST, Susan Baida, Co-Founder of eCareDiary will interview Dr. Rein Tideiksaar.

    Rein Tideiksaar, Ph.D., PA-C, is the president of FallPrevent, LLC, a consulting company that provides educational, legal and marketing services related to fall prevention in the elderly. Dr Tideiksaar is a gerontologist (health care professional who specializes in working with elderly patients) and a geriatric physician's assistant. He is the author of several books and multiple scientific articles devoted to the topic of fall prevention/mobility enhancement and has spent more than 30 years working with older people and their caregivers in helping to prevent falls and preserve mobility.

    Dr. Tideiksaar has directed numerous research projects on falls and has developed fall prevention programs regionally, as well as in assisted living, home care, acute care hospital, and nursing facility settings. In addition, Dr. Tideiksaar has presented numerous lectures and seminars on fall prevention to nurses, physicians, physical/occupational therapy, and many other venues world-wide.

    Dr. Tideikssar recently wrote a guest blog for eCareDiary called, “Beating Gravity: Avoiding Falls in Elders.”
    Susan Baida & John Mills invite listeners to visit their website http://www.eCareDiary.com - a central, no-cost portal for all things aging. Visit the blog, products page, legal docs, etc. at the eCareDiary websitehttp://www.eCareDiary.com

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    Challenges of Dual Caregiving

    in Health

    eCareDiary's caregiving expert, Margery Pabst will speak to Heather Von St. James, a seven year Mesothelioma cancer survivor and Cameron Von St. James, advocate for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance about handling emotional and physical pressures while caring for your partner.

  • 00:25

    How Poetry Therapy Aids Healing

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Laurie Arnold-McMillan, nurse, patient advocate, poetry therapist and Co-founder of the Pittsburgh Memoir Project about how poetry therapy can help change an outlook of a person going through grief and instill hope.