ESI Collection Specification

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The ESI Collection Specification document will govern the collection requirements in connection with your e-discvoery project.  Whether you are conducting a full forensic collection or targeted collection, this document will address:

  • Logistics|Geograhic Locations
  • Data Assets to Acquire
  • Custodian Information
  • Targeted Collection Specifications
  • Backup Tapes
  • Deliverables from Collection Vendor
  • Keyword Search Terms

For more information on how to utilize the ESI Collection Specification form along with the ESI Identification and Preservation Questionnaire, contact A. Johnson & Associates, LLC at 888-502-0586 or email:

DISCLAIMER: We are not attorneys.  We are not engaged in rendering legal advice.  We are E-Discovery Solutions Specialists.  If legal advice is required, the assistance of a competent, qualified legal professional should be obtained.

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