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fat, hvac guy claims karate & raised 3 girls on 2 hrs sleep

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yeah met this guy .. said he works 100 hours a week to get his equilavent seemed to be about $2500 ...  in his 60's and said if u line up black belts he could kill em with in 45 seconds .. said he was 7th degree .. i looked over at his michelan man belly and was holding back .. and when he said he goes to bed at midnight and gets up at 2am to work ..  man ...  i really wondered how much clarity and legitamacy could be put behind the sense part of they dont teach kids to work these days .. clock watchers ..

and the 'u gotta work hard if u want something ' certainly made sense but the karate hobby with that mechilen man thing going on did not ! and who can get by on 2 hrs sleep 6/7 days a week ..  he's not foolign anybody !  also said he had a son in law, 15 years old in his 4th year of college ..   if he was a smokier i could say 'he's blowing alot of smoke ' .....


girls all doctors 2 heart 1 brain

5 different trucks for 12 certifications