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    Movies to Love: The Karate Kid

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    Who can forget the memorable 1984 movie of a handy man who teaches a young man who moved from one coast to the other, who is being bullied? This is an awesome and touching movie. He teaches him martial arts to fight the right way. This is a great movie to watch with the family and teaching moments. This is one of the movies that has moments movie goers don’t forget.Tune in Saturday at 6 pm for Movies to Love.

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    Febuary Black History....Karate

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    Black history in Karate... then to now. Brian Hobson, Cleveland Baxter,, Herb Wiles, Doc Utsey abs more..let's learn people

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    Ryan George and Ross Levine join PFR and Jeff Doss is Co Host/Compete Nationals Results

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    Click on the link from your phone, tablet or computer. Use the same link to listen Live or to Recording. Call as speak to us at 347-637-1334 

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    Martial Arts K.I.C. with Destiny "Karate" Vergara

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    Saturday 11/2/13 @5pm EST:What does it mean to be responsible? Join us as we discuss what it means to take responsibility for something with Destiny "Karate" Vergara. The call in # is 6467166825 & listen,question or comment Bio:My name is Destiny Vergara, 11-years-old from Queens, New York. I am currently in the 6th grade and doing very well, last year I passed with above average grades. I am also 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013 USA National Karate Champion. Starting traingin at the age of 4 at Shotojuku Karate located in Astoria, Queens. In the summer of 2011 I earned my Black Belt.
    2008: 6&under Champion and Competitor of the year at N.Y.T.K.L.
    2009, 2010, 2011&2013 USA National Karate Champion
    July 2009:1st place and 2 gold medals in Kata & Kumite at USA-NFK National Karate CHampionship
    October 2009: All 1st and selected to perform at Disney Martial Art Festival Showcase
    2010: won Nationals SC,Junior Olympics US Open in L

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    Carlos Tearney on Point fighter Radio- Hosts Junior Salientes and Alex Reyes

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    Click on the link to Liven Live Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 6pm eastern. Same link to listen to recording!

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: "Think like a Champion", by Shugyokan Kids!

    in Sports

    Sunday February 22,2015. 6 pm Pacific Time. Call in to speak with our guests, (347) 677-0699

    Join Sifu Restita and Sifu Robert as they welcome some real Karate Kids! Shugyokan Dojo's "Team Sakura" members, will talk about their training in Matsubayashi Ryu, and discuss the subject of "thinking like a champion".

    Team Sakura of Shugyokan dojo, consists of senior students Yamila, Ivan, Araceli, and Sean. They are already seasoned tournament competitors and know what it takes to train and think like a champion, whether inside the Dojo or outside.

    This show would be perfect for kids who are currently training in martial arts. You don't have to be a tournament competitor to learn from these young Sempai.....their advice applies to all arts, beginners, intermediate or advanced students. Be sure to listen in!



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    Lena Dunham VS Karate

    in Comedy

    Nathan and Jon are joined by Joe Horary to talk Ebola, Lena Dunham being yelled at on-line, and some people from Jon's past. Nathan Jazz Rants on videos of people being hurt.

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    THIS WEEK’S SPECIAL GUESTS ARE KARATE EXPERTS JOHN AND ELISA AU FONSECA – John is the only male karate athlete in the world to win repeat gold medals at the Pan American Games and the only American karate athlete to win the Paris Open.
    He currently holds a fifth degree black belt in Shotokan karate. His accomplishments are recognized both nationally and internationally and earned him the U.S. Olympic Committee's Athlete of the Year award for three years running
    * AND HIS WIFE, ELISA AU FONSECA IS A three-time World Champion, the only American female to win the world championship in karate and the only person to win multiple world titles at a single world karate championship event.
    Commit To Get Fit With Laura Dion-Jones is an on going motivational weight loss series to help you find the secret to your own true and everlasting weight loss.
    Each week we will have a special guest expert in the weight loss, fitness, wellness or medical professions join us with some very exciting new diet and fitness tips you may have never heard before. They all generously share their professional advice with us, so be sure to tune in and bring your questions!
    You won't want to miss a single episode of Commit To Get Fit With Laura Dion-Jones so you can find the secret to your own true and everlasting weight loss once and for all.
    Tune in each Tuesday evening at 7 PM CST for an hour of motivational weight loss tips and info from our special expert guests.

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    Making The Connection With Soke Haisan Kaleak

    in Sports

    "What effect (if any) has the Martial Arts had on the InnerCity communities" Yes Family this is our topic for this weeks Making The Connection. We are soliciting your opinions and stories as to what impact the Martial Arts have had in your life and the lives of others living in the "Innercity" Join your host Soke Haisan Kaleak and his co-host Salim al-Rashid Hanshi this Friday 2/20/15 at 8pm @Docradio.net or on your phone (646) 716-6825. Remember it would not be family without you!!

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    Episode 21 The Muhammad and Ripski Show: "Breakthrough's" in Bagua

    in Lifestyle

    Temple Underground Radio presents two of the hardest working Internal Boxing Adepts in the business of Training Pugilistic Alchemists.... Grandmaster Al-wah-hee Muhammad and Master Neil Ripski... This is the Muhammad & Ripski "BREAKTHROUGHS" show!!!!!

    The show that uses a combined 90 years of Neijia $ Waijia Gong experience to identify greatness and help aspiring adepts to reach their full potential. In truth is seems that the best examples of what we do is found by finding practitioners who stay small enough to not be noticed...

    Many more have been ignored or passed over due to institutional bigotry and aloofness.... Master's Muhammad and Ripski have held their own with the best of traditional Internal Boxers as have their students.... Why have we not read about them more in the esteemed journals of our community... ? Well, it is a pay as you go world... you can pay now or pay later but you gotta pay...

    These Masters will discuss the methodology that makes us all reach the peak of our potential. They will identify the enigmas of applying esoteric knowledge effectively for health and harm.... They will explore the depths of their strengths and weaknesses .. and then they will do the same for you... Come into their world and find a way to Breakthrough!!!! the limits of your own construct... Join Muhammad and Ripski and... BREAKTHROUGH!!!!!

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    The Taoist & Vedic Alchemy Show: Da Voodoo Wedoo in Martial Science

    in Lifestyle

    Taoist and Vedic Alchemy must be the foundation of our internal and external practices. Alchemy has been practiced by every culture that still exists. In contemporary, Western, society we value yoga and qigong regimens. If done correctly they allow the practitioner torecover health, make use stronger and in extreme cases of dedication extend life.

    At no time in history has access to such esoteric knowledge been possible. We continue that trend in the show Vedic and Taoist Alchemy. Join Neil Ripski and Jee Singh as they discuss yoga and qigong regimens that should be the foundation of our Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon do, Western Jiu Jitsu & Boxing, MMA and Combatives martial sciences. We will reveal: The Vodoo Wedo in Martial Science....

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