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Unity of the Heart Drum and Planet

Drumbeat of Life


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Join in every Wednesday at 11AM (PDT) as we review the importance of drums in our society. Review how used in sound healing, explore the use drums in ancient spiritual practices. The importance of drums within indigenous cultures and methods of how used within their spiritual practices. Facilitated by Ángel (pronounced ahn-hel) Michael Rojas, founder of Drumbeat of Life. An education project that focuses on sharing Ancient Wisdom, Shamanic Healing and Indigenous Culture.

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Are there such things as "Spirit Guides"? What does this have to do with our ancestors? How does this tie into our intuition and insights? Have you had an experience, where you afterwards, thought or said "I should have gone with my... more

Each of us have the ability to work closely with our Angels and Spirit Guides. How do we acknowledge each of these Beings? How do we establish a working relationships wth our Guides & Angels? How do we honor the Beings? What is... more

Join in today for our discussion with Christine Essex of Luminosity Wellness Center. Luminosity Wellness Center, provides local small business owners and corporations with our business training programs that offer classes in Self Care,... more

Join us as we go to find and purchase with the guidance of sound healer and practitioner, Lava Bai. Lava informs us about how to select a bowl, care for the bowl, the musical note of the bowl, and how to use the bowl. With Lava's... more

Deborah and Esther share with us about their work at the Hadar & Orion Enterprises and the special retreat scheduled for Nov 30 through Dec 5th in Tulum Mexico. Hadar & Orion Enterprises was created by two soul sister light... more

5 Week onine and in-person program starts on Monday, Nov 3rd and runs for 5 consecutitive Monday evenings from 6pm to 7:30pm Pacific Time. Connecting To Your Shaaminc ROOTS guides participants in the process of utilizting... more

Join us as we interview Lava Bai, Professional Sound Healer. Crystal Bowls for the Soul presents URBAN RENEWAL, a meditation journey in Live Surround Sound featuring Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other relaxing... more

Join in today as we chat with Karen Marie Campbel of The Spirit within U, of Las Vegas Nevada to discuss Shamanism. Shamanism is an ancient beautiful practice of holding an inner sight and knowing into the unseen. Experience and live in... more

432Hz is based in nature and therefore it generates healthy effects among the listeners. It brings natural harmony and balance of the 3rd dimension and connects you with a higher consciousness. The pure and clean energy of 432Hz... more

Sound can soothe or stimulate you. Have you experienced a beautiful piece of music that moved you to tears? Or the sound of fingernails being raked across a chalkboard? Chances are you can recall a similar experience and how it made... more