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Jesus Was Not Hung On A Cross But By A Rope!

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Jesus was not hung on a cross as you have so often heard. He was hung, with a rope around his neck, dangling from a tree. This is the truth that the whiteman doesn't want you to discover. He has been hanging you from trees as early as he has been in awe of your powers to turn water into wine. The story of the cross is a better "suffering" than to learn about the "straining" rope. You have to ask yourself,  'If Jesus was hung by a rope would you pray to it or wear it?  Mosaic Law codified many capital crimes. In fact, there is evidence that Jews used many different techniques including stoning, hanging, beheading, crucifixion (copied from the Romans), throwing the criminal from a rock, and sawing asunder. The most infamous execution of history occurred approximately 29 AD with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ outside Jerusalem. About 300 years later, the Emperor Constantine, after converting to Christianity, abolished crucifixion and other cruel death penalties in the Roman Empire. In 438, the Code of Theodosius made more than 80 crimes punishable by death.[3]

Meyer also reports that she was praying intensely while driving to work one morning in 1976 when she said she heard God call her name. She had been born-again at age nine, but her unhappiness drove her deeper into her faith. She says that she came home later that day from a beauty appointment "full of liquid love" and was "drunk with the Spirit of God" that night while at the local bowling alley.[1]
I didn't have any knowledge. I didn't go to church. And I had a lot of problems, and I needed somebody to kind of help me along. And I think sometimes even people who want to serve God, if they have got so many problems that they don't think right and they don't act right and they don't behave right, they almost need somebody to take them by the hand and help lead them through the early years.[2]