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Michael Jackson Was Tortured By White Racist Administration!

  • Broadcast in Psychology



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Michael Jackson was tortured by racist white administrations. For instance! It was common knowledge to the medical and psychological community that he struggled, physiologically and mentally, with symtoms of vitiligo . Vitiligo is a skin disease, or skin disorder, that causes depigmentation of patches of skin. It occurs when melonocytes, or the cells responsible for skin pigmentation, die and are unable to function. The causes of vitiligo is unknown, but research suggest that it may arise from autoimmune, genetic, oxidative stress, neural or viral causes. The incidence, worldwide, is less than 1%. The most form is non-segmental vitiligo. Yet! Dermertologist used his illness to declare his ussage of bleaching agents, pills, and creams to lighten his skin; without telling the full story. Allowing the press to starlight him as "Wacko-Jacko." The symptoms of vitiligo mimmicked that of palsy and leprosy, in many ways. And knowing this, the professional community and media associations sought a doorway to assassinate his character. Jackson, also, due to psychologically-childhood stress (often-post traumatic), sought to deliver children from a troublesome life. Thus, the creation of Never Land Ranch And Amusement Park. However, when white racist press and media got hold of this information they called him a pedafiliac. When the only thing Jackson was guilty of was wanting to establish an non-profit organization for children of abused family. Finally, when the truth unfolded, it was too late. For he died, literally, providing a safe haven for everyone and everything but himself. This often the case of many prominent and unprominent blacks-including Minister Malcolm and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr because those that know their struggles, sacrifice, and or stress refuse to return gratitude, in the form of physical-support or lifelong valet. To individuals who have literally given their lives for the cause of humanity.