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The Real Messiah (Ye'Hoshua) And The Jesus Trick!

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The romans and certain, others, friendlies of the roman government, literally, white washed the Ethiopian Christ. In an earlier section I explained that the present "holy land" is neither "land nor holy." Anytime you remove an artifact or discover a find it is and fashion a copy; the copy is not the real "McCoy", so it is a fake! For instance, It is common knowledge that the place that they are calling the "holy land" is not the "holy land." I aim to prove, infact, that the porcelain jesus is not the Ethiopian Christ (or Ye'Hoshua), where the very idea of Jesus came from. They are not the same, for one is in-fact real, his name is Ye'hoshua (or The Ethiopian Messiah). And other whom many refer to as Jesus is a carbon copy, a duplicate, an ideology, a fake - altered from the original. He was from northern Ethiopia. He was palestinian origin. the city of Nazareth of which he communed was essenic and made up of Semitic employment; such as fishing, farming, carpentry, masonry, and land tilling. The Discovery channel aired a documentary about five years ago about Moses in which they admitted that Moses was (ethiopian) black. If that is in fact true, and Moses grew up in the house of Pharaoh, then this explains ethiopia as the governing monarch of Egypt, inwhich history, already suggest, though this is never a question to most educated individuals. The lineage of Hebrew extended from Mesopatomia to Ethiopia, and the reverse, the point is, that, because Solomon's great -grandfather, grandfather, father and mother were ethiopian - " Mekeda", Queen of Southern Kingdom of Sheba, located in Southern Ethiopia - pursued this son of Ethiopia. For it is considered uncustomary, uncooth, and unblessful to marry outside the race amid ultra orthodox law of Islam, Judaism, and Upharsin (or Adamic Law.