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Your nervous system controls and regulates every cell, tissue and organ of your body, and when your nervous system doesn't work right you're not healthy. When the nerve impulses flow smoothly and unimpeded as nature intends, a man enjoys health and a feeling of well-being. But when there is interference in normal nerve function, pain or abnormal functioning occurs. The focus of Bowe Chiropractic is to reduce stress on the nervous system and restore its function to improve your health. Health Advice Disclaimer Health-Advice-Disclaimer DISCLAIMER: Advice and recommendations given in this website or in personal consultation by phone, email, in-person, online coaching, or otherwise, is at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. You should see a qualified, licensed doctor before starting any nutritional, diet, stretching, and/or exercise program. I am a licensed doctor of chiropractic. The advice I give is based on years of training, education, and thousands of patient treatments in my clinics. However, without a personal, face-to-face consultation and examination of you, any recommendations I make must be discussed with and agreed to by your own personal doctor. _____________________________________________________________________ Information presented on this website is not to be interpreted as any kind of attempt to prescribe or practice medicine. These statements and information have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No product offerings are intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should always consult with a competent, fully informed medical professional or health practitioner when making decisions having to do with your health. You are advised to investigate and educate yourself about any health related actions and choices you make.

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A new study published in the February 15, 2005 issue of Biological Psychiatry shows that certain foods are better at treating depression than antidepressant drugs. The study found that omega-3 fatty acids and foods high in a compound... more

More than 90 percent of researchers who have published studies favorable to the controversial diabetes drug Avandia had a financial stake in the issue, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic.

Women who rely on exercise to lose weight are destined to fail, so says a study that appears in the Journal of American Medical Association. Researchers found that exercise alone was useful in maintaining the weight for women, but it... more

The breaking news is that Fosamax, the popular drug for supposed bone strength, may cause "spontaneous fractures." That means you could end up like Sandy Potter, 59, of Queens, New York on ABC News who claims she was in... more

Have you ever flown on an airplane and later become mysteriously ill? Maybe you developed a headache, had trouble breathing or experienced severe brain fog? These symptoms (and many others) just might be the result of breathing toxic... more

Why Chiropractic and holistic health care is infinitely better than pharmaceutical drugs, case in point a new heart drug in particular statins are drugs that are "miracle" medicines that have prevented millions of heart attacks and strokes.... more

A discussion of sex and chiropractic, its fun lively and educational, concerning the spinal ligaments and bones of the body.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stated that their is an estimated 20 million people in the US who currently have asthma. Asthma a chiropractic perspective.

Vitamin D deficiency is a root cause of many other serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. A global disaster is headed for those unaware of such a serious problem. Stay tuned and alert as to what you... more

Chiropractic offers a drug free, non-surgical method for treating back pain. A lack of movement can contribute to pain and Back discomfort and can reach even further to cause problems with your body such as muscles, joints, ligaments and... more
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