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Ladies a great way to start the day! A LIVE Talk Show Just for us! A cup of coffee or favorite tea, Wisdom for the day and a Prayer to send you your way!

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Mothers...Do you have a Son or Daughter that you cannot seem to reach? Won't talk to you? Ignore you..the family? Is your heart breaking because you have tried everything...and Nothing seems to help? Stop crying, time to get strategic and... more

LADIES...Our topic for this Weeks LIVE Radio Show is how to assist your child in being comfortable with who they are in the midst of bullying & ridicule. Being unique has always been subject to not being accepted and often misunderstood... more

LADIES...Join me this morning for s Boost of Wisdom & Empowerment Followed by Prayer, on Coffee ~ Wisdom & Prayer. Love you more~

Wow Ladies..! A Great way to start your morning! "Coffee~ Wisdom & Prayer with Dr. Beverly L. Swanson." A LIVE Radio Talk Show Just for us Ladies. Join me with a cup of coffee or favorite tea Weekly on Monday @ 6am (PST) for a... more

RE-AIRED~from August 2013, A SPECIAL ONE HOUR SHOW TONIGHT 3/28/14 @ 7PM (PST) "Are you Looking for Your Husband...Or Waiting for Your Husband!" Join me and my Special Guest Sheila Ray, a Pastor, Colleague and... more

LADIES...I know that at times it is difficult for women to relate to other women. Sounds silly right? I have heard many times women say "I don't have alot of female friends most of my friends are males," I work mostly with males. I was... more

LADIES...An Amazing Story of how Special Guest~Charlene Renee overcame rape as a teenager and years of suffering with Bulimia acheived Victory & started her own Company Ball Chi Fit International~ A successful Spirit ~ Mind &... more

Good Morning Ladies..! Just a relaxed morning of simple sharing, talking, guidence and blessings, is that okay? Sometimes it;s a good feeling just to come together with our favorite beverage and simply relax..what a wonderful way to... more

Ladies...are you believing for your Boaz this year? That special someone that God has for you? Well indeed he does, but everything involves preparation. Remember the story of Ruth? The story of Esther? PREPARATION! This year we Will be... more

LADIES... A very Special Radio Show! Are you single with children and serving in the MInistry? Married with children? Just how do we do it? Join me and my Special Guest; Gina Johnson of Spirit Of Truth Media International, as she... more