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Breaking Through With Doctor Penn

Breaking Through With Dr. Gary Penn


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Human psychology is explored on a micro and macro basis. Individual relationships and world events are examined in ways that bring clarity and solutions.

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IS ANYONE OUT THERE!!! ANYONE WHO IS EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY AND CAPABLE OF AND DESIROUS OF A LONG-LASTING MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP!!?? Dr. Gary Penn along with Life Coach Shannon Colleary and Dating Expert, Julie Spiras, will be hosting a live podcast event at the Roc Center in Santa Monica. Audience members will be able to ask questions of the panel and listeners will learn as familiar topics and challenges are unpacked and examined. Advanced dating techniques will be outlined, identifying toxic relationships will be taught, and learning how to communicate at a high level will be imparted. This is an amazing opportunity to obtain invaluable insights and acquire specific relationship and dating skills.
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You are surrounded by so many people yet you feel so alone. Why can't you find hime or her? Is someone to blame? Is it you? Is it "them". Is in our culture? Dr. Penn will try to bring some insight into this problem that seems to get bigger... more

Women have had it! They are feeling hopeless and are constantly disappointed in the world of dating and relationships. Basic emotional health seems to be too much to ask these days. Dr. Gary Penn provides insight into the psychology of... more

The cyber world has engulfed us and this is especially true when it comes to dating. Dating has become a fast interview that is often based on the attractivness of the photograph posted. Dr. Penn will drill down on this issue and provide... more

Once again events force their way into our consciousness. Once again we are confronted with having to make sense of senseless murder. Why does this happen? Why can't we fix this problem? Dr. Gary Penn will deconstruct the... more

Dr. Gary Penn deconstructs how people understand world events based on their psychology. The world is very complex and leaders, politicians, and the media all have opnions as to what's wrong, what's right and how to make necessary... more

Dating is a minefield. It is a shell-game. You think you know him and then you don't. Women are alone or they're dating and disappointed. Why? Because the men that they encounter eventually fall short. Why does this happen? Is... more

Gary Penn interviews Allana Pratt; Intimacy Expert, Author, Host, Speaker, Advocate to End Sexual Violence EXPERTISE: SEX, INTIMACY, BODY IMAGE, SELF-ESTEEM, CONSCIOUSNESS, RELATIONSHIPS, DATING ADVICE,... more

Dr. Gary Penn discusses dating and relationships. There are so many amazing men and women who are alone and don't want to be. Dr. Penn will discuss psychological blocks that keep people stuck. This podcast will help you to... more

So many couples agrue. Over what???? We get it a cycle of dysfunctional communication and the initial argument quickly morphs into something more and more painful and serious. Dr. Penn will explore relationship arguments.