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Human psychology is explored on a micro and macro basis. Individual relationships and world events are examined in ways that bring clarity and solutions.

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This episode is a must for both men and women. Dr. Penn will provide insight into the development of the male psych. Of course this is only one piece, but it is an important one. Men are big and strong but also vulnerable. Understanding... more

We always have 20/20 in the rearview mirror. Why can't we see things when they are right in front of us? Dr. Penn explores this dynamic. Understanding why we fool ourselves and how to prevent this is an invaluable tool in living a... more

It is so difficult to find the ONE. Where is this man or woman? Who is this man or woman? You can connect. You can fall in love. Unfortunately the person you fall in love with is the wrong person from the very beginning. Dr. Penn will give... more

Pride and ego can be wonderful qualities but they can also be very destructive. Dr. Penn beings a sense of understanding to this very human feeling that can often lead us down a path of pain.

Dr. Gary Penn discusses mental illness and violence. He will explore how weapons are a factor on a personal and a cultural level, how to look at gun control and mental illness, and how we can come to terms with such massive... more

Tamar Springer is an expert on pre-marital counseling. Doctor Penn will spend an hour with Ms. Springer to explore couples, communication, issues to unpack and explore.

Dr. Gary Penn interview Michelle McCullough. Michelle is a public speaker, strategist, success coach, entrepreneur and also works in the area or relationships and conflict resolution. This will be an hour of conversation and insights.

How do we understand our Shadow. Dr. Gary Penn will explore the psychology of Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling. He will help you understand their psychology and your own in an attempt to make sense of these recent events.

You have unfinished business. Your father or mother failed you when you were young and you want to confront the issue. You seek out therapy to get clarity and you decide to have the conversation that you'ver been avoiding. Very... more

Have you ever had a moment when you lost years? All of sudden you feel like a little boy or girl...feelings that have been domnant for decades come rushing forward. Why do you feel so small and vulnerable? Why are you feeling anxious... more