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Which stands for DON'T LET THE BULLIES WIN!  I'm just getting things up and running here for this new show, but let me tell you, I'm 54 years old and until recently, I had no idea how much bullying goes on, and the reason I didn't realize it, is because I was bullied back before the internet and before it was recognized for what it really was.  There was a stereotype of what a bully was, and it was not always accurate.  People used to think or tell us that bullies were the big guys that stole your lunch money . . . and I'm not saying they weren't, but bullies were also the tiny girls that slapped people and the mean little guys that only did mean things behind the teacher's back.   I remember being hit at school and called names, and although I never did retaliate or do that, it was years before I recognized it for what it was.  I've learned along the way, some different ways to cope and I'd like to talk to you about that.  Join me as we discuss ways to cope, manage and succeed and DON'T LET THE BULLIES WIN.