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Don't Let the Bully Win


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How to deal with a bully without being defeated.

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Hello. Good afternoon or evening. Today I want to talk just a bit about walking away in peace. That is really not easy to do. If it were easy everyone would do it! How are things going in dealing with the bully differently? I don't know... more

Good afternoon, good evening! I hope everyone had a safe night last night. I've read some reports of theft and vandalism, but thankfully, I've not seen any reports of bodily harm among young people, but I did see that someone had become... more

Safety check list tonight. Don't be alone Wear reflector tape Better yet, attend a church youth group Check all candy Don't celebrate death and mayhem, celebrate life What the bully says does not define us!

Good afternoon or evening. I'm sorry I couldn't transmit yesterday. I was on the road and could pick up a signal. I want to talk about Halloween and safety today, because frequently the two do not go hand in hand. I stopped celebrating... more

Good Friday afternoon or evening. Today is Preparation Day for the people of G-d. Let me tell you just a bit about that. It's not a Christian thing, it's not a Jewish thing, Sabbath is a G-d thing. I also promised I include my e-mail on this show... more

Good afternoon or evening! As promised, today we're going to talk about angels. They work for G-d, you know, so they are never on the side of the bully! Keep that in mind. And what do we say every day? What the bully says does not define US!

I promised today we'd discuss spiritual armor and we shall. Scripture mentions a breastplate, a helmet, a belt, shield, shoes, and sword. Now some would say this isn't literal, but G-d's Word is powerful and not only is it effective on who is... more

Good afternoon or evening! I hope you had a great day at school or work and I hope you considered what we talked about, yesterday. Bullies don't define us. Today, I want to launch into a really odd idea in dealing with bullies. G-d's Word... more

Which stands for DON'T LET THE BULLIES WIN! I'm just getting things up and running here for this new show, but let me tell you, I'm 54 years old and until recently, I had no idea how much bullying goes on, and the reason I didn't... more