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They Let Ya Boy In The Building !!!! Owweeee we going in the WOLF den with Jaycee and Monica DUVAL DYNASTY TRAKRUNNERS Talking about the Upcomming Event The Bar Burner @ Izzys On Saturday August 23rd Chena... more

This Is Another Wake Up Call to those who STILL trust the Over-See ers (officers) who are sworn To up hold Racist Laws, all over the world we will Talk About ISIS, Micheal Brown, Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin and EveryOne who was every... more

LAMP (LaVilla Arts And Music Presents) in Collaboration with Midichlorian Music Present A Special LIVE STUDIO EDITION OF DickHead Radio with The Hippest Old Guy Ever WINK FINKELSTEIN! We will chop it up on everything... more

1) Most Improved ....Veeza congrats homie ! people will debate the win till the footage drop 2) Biggest Surprise.... Gully over Dictator With The Choke 3) Best Battle Alexander Grand and Sinsay 4) Worst Battle ....Jay Hayes and Sniper... i... more

We Live In Mr. Peterson Neighboorhood with VENNUM Checking Out Some New Tracks From MYTH of Tommorrow The Topic Is Creating Your Own Reality How Many Of Us CAN say we spoke something into Being ? I'd Be Willing to Guess... more

We Will Be Talking With The POETRY NIGGA MOSES WEST on DickHead Friday @ 7pm The Topic Of The Show Is FREAKS ! Moses Is The Host Of Comerty and Sex On Stage (#NOPROMO) we will chop it up about everything... more

Dr. Cornelius D. Jones is Joining Us In a Special Editon Of DHR with w904 The Black Pour Hour W904 next edition of the Black Power Hour will be held in tandem with DHR. We will be discussing Religion and the Church's role in the... more

Tonight We Will Chop It Up With Director Carlos Smith II about his NEW motion picture Release HOMEBOYS 2: Meet The Crew......which premieres We Will Be Giving away TWO tickets Call in tonight @ 10 pm and win LOTS of special... more

I gotta get mike spliff on the line........this shit is cray.....i dont know where to start...... i wasn't there.......if you missed the battles and cant wait for the footage to drop we gonna recap the BBA event Here Live On DICKHEAD RADIO... more

Tonight we take a BLACK & WHITE look at the COLORFUL world of INTERRACIAL relationships With Special guest Host MIKE TANA....... and From W904 The BLACKPOWERHOUR ... SWAYDE also New Music From Mizz of... more