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Indie Up Saturday with DJ Khasper Bhinks and Aisha Ronaye'

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Check your watch, no doubt its time! Its Indie Up Saturday on the D-Hour Show Radio Network and on this show we will be talking with the talented DJ Khasper Bhinks and amazing R&B Indie Artist Aisha Ronaye'. And as always we will be bringing you all the hits from new, amateur, unknown, and up and coming (R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Neo-Soul) artists! We'll be bringing you interviews from new, amateur, and independent artists. Don't forget to listen to the R&B 4Play and the Hip Hop 4onthafloor. We will be giving you all of this at the top of D-Hour!!! Its Saturday so just sit back and relax and kick it with your boy D-Slate and Company! So stay tuned and keep your ears locked!!

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