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What Happens when the Heart Stops

Lubb and Dubb are sounds of your heartbeat. It’s a sign that you are still alive. People sometimes lay their heads on the ones they love just to make sure they can hear the heartbeat.

What happens when you can’t feel that pulse? You panic, you scream, possibly call 911. What happens when the pulse stops?

It’s over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being. Life was a gift from God, but somehow man has begun to view life as NOTHING. We are seeing it all over the country; the senseless killings and I’ve seen it through the murder of my daughter. What I ask is the root of this violence and why aren’t people saying something about it?

The Root of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles. (Mohandas K. Gandhi)

The world has simply become without, without work, conscience, care, concern, love morality or principles.

I want you to tune in to listen to Jeni patient advocate with PULSE and find out how we can fight to breathe,

Please tune in Thursday at 5:00 PM (CST)

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