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The Detectors on Todays UFO's SpecialGuest Staton Friedman

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DAnne Burley Show

DAnne Burley Show


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UFO Expert Staton friedman, D'Anne aand John will be Exploring the news of UFO's a expert who knows the insiderinformation on what maybe happened within area 51, abductions such as the Barney Hill case, sightings over Michigan Illinois and worldwide, and the very interesting story of 

Nick has talked to a number of people who told him interesting and complicated stories that supposedly lead one to the conclusion that the so-called Roswell Incident did not involve an alien spacecraft or a Mogul balloon or a weather balloon radar reflector combination. Instead, what crashed was a Horton Brothers Flying wing supported by a huge Japanese-designed balloon and containing disabled or genetically damaged Japanese who were used as human guinea pigs to provide data on the effects of radiation for use in the NEPA Program. NEPA stands for Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft.

There was indeed such a program beginning right after the war with Fairchild Aircraft and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. There were serious concerns about how the world would react to the use of human subjects especially in light of the Nuremberg trials which revealed many unethical Nazi medical experiments on human subjects. People were kept in pressure chambers to see how long they could withstand low pressures. They were kept in freezing water to see how long they could stand the low temperatures. Obviously pilots at high altitude might be inadvertently subjected to low pressure in the case of accidents. Unspeakable things were done to people, many of whom would have died in less agony in gas chambers.

and more  and talking about it we cover a variety of topics events and hidden truths, and want to talk to you callers 718-508-9513