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Dale Kay

Eerie House Radio


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All things Horror. Radio, TV, Movies Hosted by Dale Kay and Dave Binkley

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We're not just jawing or nosing around. We're not trying to be cheeky. We just have our eyes on Facing the Weekend on Eerie House Olde Tyme Radio. Dale, Dave and Gar will treat you to episodes of The Shadow and The Mysterious... more

Not until CBS Radio Mystery Theater presented this story on Mar. 7, 1979 had H.G. Wells' "Watcher of the Living" ever been heard or seen outside of the written page. This is a creepy story, well presented by CBSRM. Dale and Dave will be... more

You can't always see the best villians, heroes or monsters, but they make their presence felt. Two great "invisible" heroes The Avenger "Death Meets the Ghost" and The Shadow "Nursery Rhyme Killer". As an added feature, Eerie... more

From monster trucks to devilish diesels, we're talkin' scary trucks. Dale and Dave host this discussion and we'll present "Ride on Cajon", a tale that will live up to the program's name....Suspense! Listen live and chat, plus, you can call in... more

If you've ever drove or had a ride on a motorcycle, you know how scary big trucks can be. Well Dale, Dave and Gar will bring some tales to make those large motorized vehicles even scarier. Eerie House presents The Whisperer "Taken... more

A good scare can be made with just a laugh. The (sinister) laughing continues with Mystery House "Laugh? I Thought I'd Die!" and Phyl Coe Mysteries "Laughing Ghost". Yuk it up with Dale and Dave with some horror talk, too! The... more

The laugh is on YOU if you miss this show! Dale, Dave and Gar discover that a creepy cackle, malevolent mirth or insane giggling can be just as scary and suspenseful as any lurking monster. The Sealed Book opens with "I'll Die... more

There are still folks that create radio plays to this very day. For the last 30 years and going strong, Shoestring Radio Theater produces ALL NEW audio drama productions in every genre imaginable....Horror, Sci Fi, Fantasy....and other stuff,... more

Tonight's battle of the bulges does not mean your humble hosts are at war.....no, it's other gravity-challenged men The Fat Man "The 19th Pearl" and Nero Wolfe "Stamped for Murder" on the menu. Come get your fill with Dale, Dave and Gar... more

Dale and Dave discuss stories about life eternal in movies, radio and TV. Is living forever all that it's cracked up to be? What are your favorite tales of neverending vitality? Plus, we'll talk about Arch Obeler as we present one of his Lights Out... more
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