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  • Broadcast in The Bible
Cunnedas Ramble

Cunnedas Ramble


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Creation, as it exists, is not only within God, but in relationship with God.......The givenness of its active being is in the Logos; the Living Word of God flashing outward into time, and nonlocality,  from the entanglement that is God.......thus, giving creation itself, a kind of sacramental character.......He moves within creation; causing, at the same time, a reciprocal movement into Him.......all of this points to a relational holism that intertwines the existence of part and whole.......this is an elegant and powerful idea, proven by repeated experimentation within the quantum realms, and it suggests that time is not fundamental, but an emergent phenomenon that comes about because of the nature of entanglement between temporal and Devine; and it exists only for observers inside the living universe.......any Divine observer outside sees an unchanging universe, where all events take place in a kind of instantaneous now.......or an eternal now. This is a potentially powerful conceptual framework for re-thinking the old idea that Divinity is relationality; and that Being is communion.......One potentially significant implication of this line of thought is that the world of our experience, filled as it is with distinct and separate physical objects, including ourselves, might be continually emerging out of a Divinely, and quantumly entangled universe.......a created reality that finds its source of existence entirely within God.