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Devotions for life and strength in the Living God.

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In Jewish parlance, this goal of building a better world is known as Tikkun Olam, the healing or repair of the world. The ancient prayer known as the Aleinu (meaning, it is our duty) acknowledges that this can only occur when God's... more

Have we not pondered these things, even in childhood, youth and the following ages; and have we not sung the songs which grew out of the revelation of the story within us, and around us; and have not these songs been born within us to... more

As we grow, becomming ever more fully aware of who we are, and of the wholeness He has set within us, we begin to realize that the being of the whole man can be actualized only through being each part of that whole. We... more

Creation, as it exists, is not only within God, but in relationship with God.......The givenness of its active being is in the Logos; the Living Word of God flashing outward into time, and nonlocality, from the entanglement that is God.......thus,... more

Isa 44:4 and they shall spring up among the grass, as willows by the watercourses. Isa 44:5 One shall say, I am Jehovah's; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto... more

He breaketh open a shaft away from where men sojourn; They are forgotten of the foot; He putteth forth his hand upon the flinty rock; He overturneth the mountains by the roots. He cutteth out channels among the rocks; And his eye... more

Time is a localized quantum state; and just as in any other quantum state, a particle must be observed in order to exist; and yet, when unobserved, it becomes non-local; not real; and even our time is only a reality to us... more

As it is written: (all things are) according to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord In these words the message of the Preacher and the message of Jesus are united. All is vanity but through this vanity, His... more

We are living in time.......the wrong time.......Time, that master of order in the world of history, has been associated with Chronos and Kairos.......the two archetypal markers of time, Chronos, horizontal and superficial, Kairos vertical, leading into... more

This system has worked well for those in control. Through their alliance with state enforcers, these clergymen gained in power, prestige, and of course, wealth; and with state power to enforce doctrine, enslavement of the people... more