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Creating Confidence

Creating Confidence


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Join psychologist Dr. Aziz as he discusses how anyone can create confidence in dating, relationships, and at work. Check out the website below for more free audio, video, and blogs.

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Do you have the friends and the social life you desire? Many shy people feel they are missing out on meeting people, making connections, and enjoying a rich social life. They might also fear that something is wrong with them and... more

How do you deal with defeat, setbacks, and failures in your life? The default response for most people is to feel deflated, discouarged, and ashamed, as if they did something bad or wrong. Join Dr. Aziz as he discusses the truth... more

Being shy is not necessarily a problem. Many people who are successful, well-respected, and well-known have been shy. The problem is when shyness is holding you back from creating the friendships, relationships, and life you really... more

Are you hard on yourself? Do you regularly crticize yourself in your own mind? "That wasn't good enough, I looked awkward, what is wrong with me?" Join Dr. Aziz as he provides insights into where this critic comes from, and most... more

We all have ways that we avoid taking risks that might lead to rejection or failure. This avoidance can cause you to miss out on what matters most to you in your life. Learn how you might be avoiding rejection, and how to get yourself to... more

Do you take healthy risks in your life? Do you jump onto the field and face getting knocked down, or do you tend to stay in the bleachers? Join Dr. Aziz as he discusses how taking risks and facing rejection are essential ingredients to... more

Do you feel uncomfortably shy around people you want to meet? Does it impact you in dating and relationships? At work and in your career? Join Dr. Aziz as he distills the experience of shyness down to it's one primary cause. (And it's... more

There is one thing that you do every day that impacts your level of confidence more than anything else. Join Dr. Aziz as he discusses this secret to creating lasting confidence.