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Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat

Comedian Billy Bo Laugh Chat


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Come laugh with me and at me, as I take you on a short journey of past and current events, all with a comic flair!

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Trump pulled out his big brass balls and bombed the piss out of ISIS. He bombed more dirt, back to dirt. United Airlines has a good way of removing crying babies from airplanes...take them for a quick drag race. Moldilocks got her... more

The Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders are now moving to Las Vegas. The Los Angeles/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams did it as well. An anaconda in Indonesia ate a man whole. How drunk do you have to be to let a big ass snake eat you?... more

Boy, what a cluster fuck Oscar awards! Even the winners were losers! Speaking of losers, Las Vegas is filled with them! Broken dreams of instant riches, mixed with endless cigarettes, coffee, and copious amounts of free watered down... more

Lincoln and Washington are dead. Why are we having a day for them? Didn't Washington have slaves? CURSE HIM! Robert De Niro is so ashamed of Taxi Driver, he's giving all his awards to Beyonce. Ever try washing your asshole... more

Trump is grabbing America by the netherregion and about to be the boss. Yes, YOUR President. Unless you suddenly renounced your citizenship. I wonder what Kim K has been up to? I noticed she's coming out of her shell and hitting the... more

We are watchers! We watch tv, we watch movies, we watch , we watch each other get off, we wear a watch. Gangbangers are mad because they get profiled for gangbanging. Matbe those drugs you shoved up your ass didn't help... more

Spotted Dick? Head Cheese? Chitterlings? All on top of pasta...discuss. Chopped is a bullshit show. Why do they always include ingerdients no human will ever eat? Whatever they give me, goes right in the trash and I'm making... more

Have you downloaded Pokemon Go? If you are man and have done so...turn in your balls to the local police. If you drive a Prius and drive like it's a muscle car, turn in your balls to the local police. People are already saying Pokemon Go is... more

NBA Finals in fulls swing! And Lebald James is still a petulent crybaby. It's forever jaw day at any gym I go to. Everytime I go, men are always showing off their bodies in the skimpiest tank tops, and they love talking to each other instead of... more

SPRING BREAK! What are your kids doing down in Mehico and Miami? Debauchery! Women at the gym have been wearing more and more, while men have been wearing less and less. I'm seeing nip slips and balls peeking. Uber... more