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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My Guest today is: Eli James


Definition of the term, AdamThe Hebrew word, Awdawm, translated as Adam, means “to show blood (in the face), i.e, flush, or turn rosy: -- be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).” There is no possibility of all races meeting this description. Only the White Race flushes red in the face. Other races do not have this ability. So, the Bible, correctly understood, teaches that Adam was the first White Man, not the first human being. Actually, the word human comes from the contraction of hue and man, meaning “colored people,” which are the non-White people. Few Christians understand that the so-called “beast of the earth,” in Genesis 1, is actually a reference to TWO-LEGGED “beasts,” that have hands and feet, vocal chords, and who are able to pray to God. The word beast comes from the Hebrew chay, which means, simply, “living creature.” But a detailed study of verses in which this word occurs (for example, Jonah 3:8) shows that these living creatures are often humanoids, or two-legged “beasts.” 

This provides clear Scriptural evidence that there were human beings present on the earth BEFORE Adam and Eve were formed in Genesis, Chapter 2. The Judeo-Christian view that all races came from Adam and Eve is, at best, nonsense, or, at worst, Jewish deception. Only Adam and Eve had the “breath of life” breathed into them by Yahweh Himself. Thus, the Bible teaches that Adam and Eve, and their descendants are a people “set apart” from all other races, and that they (and our White Race) were formed for a special purpose.