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45A Scriptures For The Latter Days Genesis 30:1,Matthew 16:1

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Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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I love the scriptures!!! The family of Jacob with Leah and Rachel, the handmaids and the children are wonderful opportunities for us to look at the dynamics and purposes of families before God. We are given a chance to look at the most intimate of moments in these writings of our forefathers. Were they super human or were they very human and did they have strengths and weaknesses? If so, how were they manifest and were the people blessed by these behaviors or did they cause sorrow for the family? In this scenario, also, I believe we can see how a rivalry between those of one generation can affect the following generation and even generations out perhaps as far as time will go. What does that say to you and I? Do we have jealousies or petty envyings that we need to rid ourselves of? Often that which starts in one generation can expand and grow in the next and following generations. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to see that these things are not allowed in our own hearts and discourage them from festering in the hearts of the next generation. It was often said as I raised my children, they will grow out of it, and I have found this not to be the case in many things that have great value to me. In Matthew we were taught by Jesus himself how to look not always at the obvious...leaven = a bread making substance..., rather look to the meaning of what is said or what is presented. This will help you be guided and be prepared. And those who would say there is no meaning behind words or actions do not have an understanding of their own mind or hearts or of the scriptures, because they testify of this greatly as Christ himself so often taught. How I love the scriptures, may they lift your heart and soul as they do mine. May God's blessings be yours as you seek him with a true and honest heart. IJN, Amen.