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Christa Ann



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Hello & welcome. Life can be challenging & I believe that we have been given tools to help us see our way. As a child I felt the presence of Jesus Christ early in my life, I had a personal witness that he was who he claimed more than once. I retained that witness as I grew up. I wish I could say that I always honored his teachings but I cannot. I can say that when I made a commitment to put my life in line with his teachings to the best of my ability knowing I had very limited knowledge at the time I was able to feel as if I was progressing in the right direction. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints about two years after making that decision at the age of 27. I have now been in the church for 27 1/2 years (as of January 2011). I am grateful for the challenges and education I have received. The gift of repentance has been very important to me. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, his literal begotten son, and the Holy Ghost are the foundation of my existence. They give meaning to everything else in my life. I am a member in good standing, with a current temple recommend but I claim no ability to speak on behalf of the church. My hope is that you might come to understand how you can make the scriptures personal in your life today. Please bring a prayer and a desire to know for yourself if these things be true and I testify you will receive a witness of peace in your heart that you are important to your Heavenly Father and he cares enough about you to show you the way home. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. In his love, Christa-Ann

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I love the scriptures!!! Zeniff continues his preparation to defend themselves against the Lamanites. What is it teaching us for today?! That is the question that we need to ask ourselves. Zeniff is not unlike our Prophet/President of... more

I love the scriptures!!! I have been away from thie series for a while but it is time to pick it up again. I look forward to my time with you and in the scriptures!!! Love to all, in Jesus name, amen.

I love the scriptures!!! They mean the world to me! Actually they have become the lense through which I see the world. And not only the world but everything in it and each of my relationships as well. I am grateful for the opportunity to... more

I love the scriptures!!! I love to study the word of God! Each of the standard works is a living, breathing manifestation of God's love for His children in all time and in all places! I do not believe anything takes place of the standard works either.... more

I love the scriptures!!! The mysteries of God are great! We are promised that if we look to Him, Heavenly Father will show us what is truth. There is a lot of information on the internet today that would confuse us and teach us not to... more

I love the scriptures!!! To share the word of God is to allow the Holy Ghost the ability to witness to your heart and mind of the love of our Father in Heaven and the strength of His faith and belief in us. We are the ones who need to... more

I love the scriptures!!! The scriptures give me a foundation to stand on. Without it I would crumble, with it I can conquer anything! I am discovering that the pain and fear in our lives can be a motivator for change and can give us courage... more

I love the scriptures!!! I love the Word of God. I love to read it, ponder it, and apply it. It is not always convenient. It is not always accepted. It is something that can cause me to feel separated from the society of man. It is also... more

I love the scriptures!!! The Book of Mormon changed my life over 30 years ago when I discovered it and the organization that those who preserved it had created. It gave me additional light to the basic concept of the 10 Commandments in... more

I love the scriptures!!! I must testify of God and His love through His Word and His Son and the Holy Spirit. "I am obliged to give God the glory for all I have ever received. If I have done any good...it has been by the power of God." ~Unknown