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#38B Scriptures for the Latter Days 1Nephi 15:32,D&D11:15

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Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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I love the scriptures!!! Moses 4:5 Review: Nephi shares the darker side of the vision of the tree of life The wicked (defined by me as those who would hurt themselves or others) would find themselves seperated from the fruit which is precious above all fruit and that is the Love of God. Now does that mean that God will not love them any more? I do not believe so. I believe this means that because we choose to have an attitude or a heart that wishes ill on self or others that we deflect the love of God that is being offered to us at all times. The termonology or words used in this reference (vs 32-36) are filthiness and that which is filthy. We think of things that are filthy as that which is unclean. What if we thought about it as those things that are unpure or not authentic, which means not being true to the self? If we wish to be a conductor or recipient of God's love (which gives life and hope to all things) would we not need to be a correct conductor of that energy source? Like the radio waves that go through the air and give us radio and the web and so forth, broadband for those who understand the term, not every thing is a good conductor and they can be blocked or they have to go around certain things. The metaphor continues as we consider the fact that if we do not reach out to God, and this can be done by merely having the desire to believe, we may not be allowing the connection to happen. So we are not being punished by God so much as we are not receiving his love because we do not allow it to reach us. This can happen through overt ways where we attack self, others, or God or it can happen covertly by withdrawing in depression, & self-pity or thinking ourselves "not as good as others". Or behaving that way if we think others do not think that we are good enough. D&C was review and Moses talked about the subtle and sly behaviors of the adversary. Please feel free to comment. Till next time. Christa-Ann